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Sketches - Osaka And Kobe. P.2.

Barmoska • 3 minutes read • April 15th, 2016
Hey, everyone! I've got another portion of photos from the Japanese streets. Enjoy!

Here's a "wavy" escalator:

Kids love Ultraman:

Of course, he's a pretty weird character:

Here's a small cruise ship Caledonian Sky:

For some reason that boat with sewage pipe cleaner near it is half-wrecked: 

Here is the 

Kobe Tower


Sailors are luring people on an observation cruise:

Seaport employees are in an appropriate uniform:

Something is constantly happening on the main site in the port of 


. Today there is open-air dancing to the Brazilian rhythms:

There was a bunch of reporters:

And here is an impromptu drink-station:

Here are the drummers:

Okay, enough of dancing, let's move on..... Here's a web of lattice:

Here's a hatch from 

Kobe Japan


Going home after shopping:

Just imagine: you are walking along a residential area, and suddenly - bam! Gas Storage:

Here's another one city ding-a-ling:

Cool reflections:

Here's a Japanese rocker:

He looks very angrily with his squint:

Why men dress up in such a way is a mystery to me:

This is a counterfeit seller. He is rolling around the districts under the cover of darkness, selling things:
Author: Barmoska
Translated by: Gian Luka

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