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Sky Princess Cruise Ship Video: Exciting Tour of Princess Cruises Newbuild

4 minutes read • October 24th, 2019
We’ve celebrated her delivery very recently, and now she is sailing the seas. And the fame of the

Sky Princess cruise ship

is spreading far beyond the Mediterranean, where the liner is currently spending her inaugural season. First video reviews of the Princess Cruises’ newbuild has already made cruise lovers in every part of our planet dream of a voyage on her. And of course, we can’t help but share the most exciting Sky Princess videos with you.
Are you ready for true inspiration?
Sky Princess Cruise Ship Video
Source: Princess Cruises/Facebook

We won’t talk about the story of her construction, general characteristics, etc. (you can find all the information via this link). Today we are going to enjoy several exciting Sky Princess videos.

Firstly, let’s look at her from the outside.
Sky Princess ship is departing from Trieste, Italy.

And that’s how she looks like at night.
Sky Princess cruise ship in Piraeus, Greece.

It's time for the Sky Princess ship tour. Accommodation, sun deck, dining and entertainment venues, spa... By the way, you will also find very useful information about the Ocean Medallion in this video.

Now let's look at the ship's restaurants and bars in more detail. 

We’ve saved a video tour of the Princess Cruises’ newest stateroom type for last. Yes, we’ve already seen it in one of the videos above. Nevertheless, it is among the ship’s highlights, and it absolutely deserves special attention.
Dear friends, welcome to Sky Suite.

She is just so gorgeous.
By the way, Sky Princess will reposition to Fort Lauderdale soon. Oh, we can’t wait to welcome this groundbreaking liner in the U.S.
Have you already seen her in person? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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