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Slovenia. Koper And Piran. P.1

o_l_g_a_r_i • 6 minutes read • July 21st, 2016
I really liked 


. We were there for the first time. In fact, I read a lot about this country and I liked it in advance. 
Its coast is so Italian. And Bella Bella...
It was our first port. We decided to go to Piran first - after reading reviews, we liked it more than 


. And if your stop there is relatively long, I also recommend you Piran - it will be enough time for you to visit Koper on your way back. And Piran is just a miracle!
Imagine - the first port after Venice overloaded with crowds - and here you are in a very beautiful city, and almost alone!!!
But I will describe our route chronologically...
Ship in this port is moored very close to the Old Town - in fact, you simply have to take the lift and you'll find yourself at the central square in five minutes.
Koper is also quite a nice little town. We left the ship about an hour after the arrival, at 8 am, and there were no local citizens or tourists on the streets. Our ship was not small, but I suppose that many people were still sleeping or already went on tours.
We quickly ran diagonally across the city and I did not take any pictures on the way. So some of the pictures are those I took on the way back.

This is the central square of Koper.
Here you can see 

Praetorian Palace

. It was built in the Venetian Gothic style (in 1464).
Can you see how everything here is connected with Venice? We saw these winged lions almost everywhere throughout the entire upper Adriatic coast...
Previously, these places belonged to Venice (it's really visible in the architecture!) and almost everything there is also in Italian. So Slovenia appeared to be almost Italy. :)
And everything was clean and well-maintained - which is understandable, this former Yugoslav republic has the biggest gross domestic product per capita than all its neighbors. Prices, however, at first glance, are also like in Italy.
In general, I really wanted to come back here again and take a closer look at this country.

But let's return to the square.
You can climb the bell tower of Cathedral of the Assumption if you wish. There are great views if the weather is nice!
It was 77 degrees (25 degrees Celsius) and very cloudy when we were there!
And here's another picture from the square.
And we are rushing towards the bus station.
Everything is pretty easy with buses and tickets. Kiosk is right next to the bus stop - and the tickets are really cheap. As I understood, they run quite often - we waited only for 5 minutes.
The road to Piran takes less than an hour - but it's very beautiful - you pass by different resort towns. We liked everything we saw on the way... :)
Bus stops in Piran at the beginning of the waterfront.
Almost immediately, we found the Maritime Museum. But first, I will show you the main square of the town - Tartini Square.
It's huge!!! I didn't manage to fit it in one frame so here are the parts of it...
Streets behind the square are also certainly worth walking along them. At the top, above the square, there is St. George Cathedral. I read in reviews that the cathedral itself is beautiful and views of the town from there are also beautiful. We didn't visit it. We went to the museum.
I love such tiny museums of local importance. Firstly, you walk there on your own, without crowds, and secondly, they are often very interesting.
Piran Maritime Museum is here, on the right, on the way from the bus stop to the square.
There were many ship models in this museum. From small to really huge ones!!! - this was the first time I so such large models! - they occupied the whole room!
And there were all kinds of models, from the old to more modern ones...
In one of the rooms, there were such museum slippers.
There were many wooden figures from the bow of the ship - I do not know what they are called correctly...
Some of them were quite ordinary...
Was that ship built by dog lovers? :)
There was an interesting selection of marine clothing - from private to captain's...
...and such captain's chest.
...and a set of clothes for sailors. With socks and underwear.
There were even chairs with the marine theme, probably, ship's furniture.
This is a small and really cute museum. There's another one nearby - a museum of shells.
Here's the address, just in case - Magical World of Shells Museum - Address: Tartinijev trg 15 | on the first floor (near Hotel Tartini), Piran.
We were going to visit it on the way back but forgot. So we have it in our future plans. :)

And we went further along the waterfront...
Author: O_L_G_A_R_I
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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