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'So if you are lonesome go there go'. Nassau. The Bahamas.

o_l_g_a_r_i • 6 minutes read • October 13th, 2015
You might remember this song by Boney M, about the Bahama Mama and her 6 daughters?

By the way, this was pretty cool, but just before the trip I listened to this song one more time. I was laughing for a long time, sorry...
I.e., in those old times, when this song was played everywhere, I didn't understand the lyrics that well.
But now I understand everything.
Question - is it for the best?
I don't know...
Now I can only laugh while listening to Boney M songs... 
So... maybe it's better not to understand? And go there hoping to see something super exotic. 
Personally, I considered the Bahamas as a variant of one of the cruises. All the while knowing that the prices there were very, very low - just like traveling for nothing, to be honest! And there was even a plan to take three cruises in a row - two for a week and one for 3-5 days - to the Bahamas. To save on accommodation in Florida, of course (cruises are cheaper, anyway).
But I was glad that I didn't chosen a cruise there, to be honest. 
It is a pretty specific tourist destination, which means there were multitudes of people, everywhere.
Here's what greeted us when we entered the port...
I haven't seen so many ships on any Caribbean island before ...
And this wasn't even the high season!!  See, how they are lined up, in a row?

We trouble choosing where we should go, out of the list of attractions that were offered to us.  
But, for some reason, we couldn't find anything interesting. Besides the beach, of course.
We moored there early in the morning and after getting ready to go ashore, the weather turned grey and cloudy ...
We lost all desire to go to the beach. Skipping forward, the sky later cleared up and we went to the beach, and later we decided to walk around 


Or should I say . . . what they have there instead of a city.
However, it did not impress us at all.
No Potemkin villages. In fact, most of the 'city' was made up of mud, and some of the areas were completely devastated. 
But what else did we expect?
Do you remember the song?
By Boney M?
Sometimes it's like this.

But sometimes it's like this...
This is probably exactly where Bahama Mama lives.

But you'll also find beaches and hotels there.
Moreover, it seemed that there were a great variety of hotels in the area.
By the way, the local dollar there is cheap, in the sense that there are very good prices in stores and restaurants!!!
That was a pleasant finding.
Here is one of the local beaches, which we wandered into while walking around 



What is there to look at?
The Pirate Museum.

Although they are obviously present on every Caribbean island, in one form or another . . .
You can stop to shop . . . which again, is not new.  

There were several police cars on the roads, bringing about the feeling that not everywhere was safe . . . especially here, apparently.

Although, I liked the slogans on local cars.

Rum cake.

License plates were boring.
Usually, they are more interesting on Caribbean Islands...

Some sort of fair or grill party was organized near one of the churches.

And from there...

In general, the island did not impress us. I would not go there again, even if only for a few days. 
Although, there were good beaches there. 
On one occasions, we had a swim after lunch (no photos as we traveled without a camera).
And the water had a beautiful color. 
It can even be seen here, on the city beach.

Judging by the photos from the reports of the other Islands, there are better places in terms of the sea and beach (some of them even seem to be owned by cruise companies - one of them being the 

Carnival cruise line

So, if you're only looking for this, maybe you'll enjoy this island.  
But the Bahamas disappointed us.
So it was not a sorrowful departure . . .  
Goodbye island...
Author: O_L_G_A_R_I
​Source: o-l-g-a-r-i.livejournal.com
Translated by: Gian Luka

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