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South America

This territory seems to be penetrated with a genius of savagery. Wild nature has its loaded word in the being of this region. And human life blazes with bright colors of catchy songs and dancing till you drop. You may spend the life-time to unthread numerous secrets of this continent! And it’s the best time to start a cruise in South America!
South America is a continent washed by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and by the Caribbean Sea. Twelve independent countries and two dependent territories are situated on over than 17 800 thousand km2 area. And more than 370 million people populate Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru and other South American states.  
First evidences of human existence on South American territory are dated by 9000 years BC. Agriculture and fishing became two main practices that gained people in communities. XVI century was the beginning of Spanish and Portuguese colonization. Europeans brought inextirpable diseases with them and the number of indigenous people began its rapid decrease – so they were replaced with African slaves that had already developed immunity to those diseases. Interbreeding of local population with European settlers formed new mestizo class. South America received its independence from Portugal and Spain in XIX century; however cruel interstate wars and revolutions took place during the XX century.
South America experiences 6 different types of climate – subequatorial, equatorial, tropical, subtropical and temperate – and is considered the most humid continent.
Nowadays tourism became the main source of incomes for many South American countries! Small wonder! Such a breathtaking blend of antiquity and modernity, wildness and luxuriance makes South America cruises such popular among the tourists from all over the world. This land has really prepared a great amount of unforgettable adventures for its guests, so your deal is just to make a decision which one from numerous South America cruise tours to choose!
Many South American voyages begin in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Royal Caribbean, Holland America, Princess and other cruise lines offer various trips lasting approximately from 2 to 9 weeks. Your cruise liner will bring to amazing South America cruise ports including Valparaiso, Montevideo, Lima, Rio de Janeiro and many others.
Dense jungles, mighty mountains, great lakes and mystery deserts – South American nature carefully keeps many magnificent creations that will make all people stare. Why are only the Andes Mountains, Amazon River, Angel Falls, Lake Titicaca and the Atacama Desert! But humanity also keeps pace with environment. They have presented the world mind-bending Machu Picchu and Tiahuanaco ruins, Museo del Oro, Mano de Punta del Este, Tren las Nubes, Cristo Redentor – and this is just a little part of amazing landmarks of South America.
South America cruise reviews invite you in the world of contrasts with its ancient ruins and cosmopolitan cities, culture centers and welcoming villages. You should dance tango in Buenos Aires and spectate fantastic carnival in Rio de Janeiro (or even become its full member), plunge into the night life of Sao Paolo and go shopping in Caracas. Sightseeing excursions, cuisine tours, snorkeling, windsurfing, canoeing, flightseeing, visiting a penguin colony or just sitting with a cup of coffee in some hideaway – South America cruise deals will fulfill all hopes and expectations!
All things considered, there can’t be any doubt that your South America cruise will become the best one in your life! And you will get a new dream – to come back here again and again!

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