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Spanish Alicante And Malaga

Nikolkaya • 3 minutes read • July 5th, 2016
Here is my review of the resort towns of Spain – 




I'm going to start with Alicante. This is a city I have loved for a long time. Every year, a wonderful St. John feast day is held here, and in addition, the unique tiny town of Guadalest is close by.
The wonderful beach in 


1spanishalicante-malagasitges.jpgA nice promenade.
2spanishalicante-malagasitges.jpg3spanishalicante-malagasitges.jpg4spanishalicante-malagasitges.jpgMore interesting architecture.
5spanishalicante-malagasitges.jpgHere’s an interesting square with "singing" fountains.
6spanishalicante-malagasitges.jpgAnd the most important site was an old fortress at the top of the mountain (which can be reached comfortably by lift).
7spanishalicante-malagasitges.jpg8spanishalicante-malagasitges.jpg9spanishalicante-malagasitges.jpgThis was my first time in Malaga, but I fell in love immediately with the charming city.
Here’s the port.
10spanishalicante-malagasitges.jpgFish in the port.
11spanishalicante-malagasitges.jpgThe beach.
12spanishalicante-malagasitges.jpgThere was a fortress, also located on the mountain.
13spanishalicante-malagasitges.jpgHere is a roman amphitheater at the foot of the mountain.
14spanishalicante-malagasitges.jpgThese are museums.
15spanishalicante-malagasitges.jpgThis is a cathedral.
16spanishalicante-malagasitges.jpgThere were pretty narrow streets
17spanishalicante-malagasitges.jpgand wide avenues.
18spanishalicante-malagasitges.jpgHere, the architecture is intricate while remaining humble. 
19spanishalicante-malagasitges.jpgThe main square was charming.
20spanishalicante-malagasitges.jpgAuthor: Nikolkaya
Translated by: Zoozi

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