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St. Thomas, US virgin islands p.1

Barmoska • 5 minutes read • August 14th, 2015
On the fourth day of cruise we visited 

Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

. In 1916 Denmark sold the island to the US government and since then, 

St. Thomas

has been under American control. The capital of St. Thomas is little town called 

Charlotte Amalie

. Only about 20,000 people live there. All the island's economy is based on tourism. About 2 million people come here every year.
Enough talking, let`s see the photos :-) The blog is divided into two parts because there are so many pictures :-)
Sunrise in St. Thomas:

Small cruise ships were also in a hurry to Charlotte Amalie:

And another hurried out :-)

Explorer of the Seas followed Celebrity Eclipse.

Small ships stopped in the neighboring bay with the old pier:

Some preferred to take pictures on Iand :-)

Cool boat, I liked it most of all :-)

At the coast, where you have to pay for parking, "more serious" boats were moored.

We went to the shore and took photos :) 

People gathered near the exit from the ship for excursions. Today I decided to take a snorkeling tour, including kayaking ...

While I was standing and waiting to leave, I took a photo of my bracelets. From left to right - a bracelet from Puerto Rico, Maldives, Mauritius and Miami:

Finally a pickup came with a large "basket" for tourists. We all sat down and went on a tour:

Drivers unobtrusively hinted about money :-)

The next selection of photos were taken from the bus so there was problem with focus. But anyway you can get an idea of life in St. Thomas. Most of the houses were miserable and simple:

Sometimes we saw decent houses:

All wealthy homes were hidden behind fences, gratings and shutters:

Cheap cars :-)

There were a lot of old cars, I can`t imagine how they could drive them. 

At last we arrived to the excursion.

Everyone gathered for the briefing:

We had to fill out these waivers. 

The chief instructor showed us our route again. First, we would kayak around the bay, then stop near the reef to snorkel and then take a small hike over the rocks:

A line formed for life jackets on the pier before boarding the kayaks:

You can choose a single or couples kayak. 

I did not quite understand these flooded boats…Though a big part of the bay is very shallow. Maybe the owners struck the bottom of the boat and left them there?

People slowly floated after the instructor.

Landmarks ... clouds, clouds ....

 All around the coast you can see mangroves. This plant is the only one that can live and grow in salt water:

One of the instructors had overtaken the group and climbed a branch protruding from the water. He started taking pictures. There was a moment where he almost fell down.

Finally we got to the reef and snorkeled:

To be continued...
Author: Barmoska
Translated by: Gian Luka

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