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St. Thomas, US virgin islands p.2

Barmoska • 4 minutes read • August 20th, 2015
The first part about 

St. Thomas

 can be found here: "

St. Thomas, US Virgin islands p.1

The entire group moved to the reef to look at fish underwater, and I decided just to swim without a life jacket:

The sun came out and the landscape transformed :) Ha-ha, there was no need to go under water. From here everything also looked very good :-)


The instructor looks after them :-))

After snorkeling, we moved deeper through the island.

An incredible number of hermit crabs surrounded us!  

We decided to race to see whose crab would be the first to run from the circle. My crab won, he started and finished while others had only just started to move. 

And we got a winner :-)

Crabs were everywhere.

Grim riff.

Unsuccessful sailing. 

The instructor found a sea urchin just under our feet.

Sea urchin needles.

After the tour ended, everyone returned to the ship. I took a few more pictures of the surroundings. The sign was terrifying ....

Buses for tourists :-)

There were a lot of shops selling jewelry, perfume and other duty-free goods.

Exit to the pier. Local people can not enter.

A police motorbike.

St, Thomas

skyride is about 328 feet (100 m) high. If you want to try it you have to pay $21. I decided not to go.

The Lady Britt yacht left the port. By the way, this yacht was available for charter. The price for rent was about $600,000 per week (from what I heard). The yacht can fit 12 guests, which works out to be almost $7,000 per person per day!! :-) Who rents such yachts? :-)

Parking at the port costs 77 cents for one day per foot of your boat's length.

After paying for parking, you can connect your boat for water and electricity here:

Of course, for people who rent yachts for $500,000 a week, can find appropriate shops:

Girls were tired and decided to lie down on the lawn :-)

Now it was time for us to leave. The sun was setting slowly over the horizon.
Author: Barmoska
Translated by: Gian Luka

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