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Ste. Anne Island

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Sainte Anne Island is the largest (2.27 km²) of eight islands in Ste Anne Marine National Park of the Seychelles. These islands are part of the Mont Fleuri District of the Seychelles. It is 4 km off the east coast of Mahé and has abundant tropical vegetation. The highest peak on Sainte Anne is 246 meters (807 feet).

It was first discovered in 1742, on the day of Saint Anne, by the French explorer Lazare Picault, and the first French settlement in the Seychelles was established here in 1770. In the early 20th century a whaling station briefly operated on the island. ruins of St. Abbs Whaling Company station can still be found.

In 2002, the Beachcomber Sainte Anne resort & spa, with 87 luxury villas, was opened on the southwest point.

The village of Sainte Anne is located next to the hotel. The park rangers quarters, hotel staff, dive shop, restaurants and other employees currently live in the village, which has 40 people (some of the hotel staff do a daily trip of Victoria).



Today, the island's main industry is tourism. It has 6 big beaches: - Grande Anse, located at the southwest, where hotel Beachcomber Sainte Anne resort & spa is present. - Anse Royale, where sea turtles lay their eggs from late November to February. - Anse Tortues. - Anse Cimitiere - Anse Manon (accessible only by foot). - Anse Cabot

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