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Stereo nightclub

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Stereo nightclub is an afterhours club in Montreal, Canada which primarily features house music and techno. The afterhours section of the club is always open on Fridays and Saturdays. It is located on 858 Ste-Catherine Est.

Stereo nightclub was created by DJ/producer Angel Moraes (who also designed and built its famous sound system) and later co-owned by Thomas Piscardeli. On July 3, 2008, there was a fire in the club and the afterhours section was closed for over a year. The reopening, scheduled for September 4, 2009, was delayed due to another arson on September 1. Following this announcement, there has been a huge outcry in the Gay and Lesbian community as well as the city as a whole for the mayor and the police to take action against the steadily rising incidents of violence, arson and criminality.

The club was also used for the filming of the video for the Marc Mysterio hit song Let Loose in which previous co-owner Scott Lancaster played a bartender.



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