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Suizen-ji Jōju-en

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Suizen-ji Jōju-en (水前寺成趣園) is a tsukiyama Japanese garden located within (Suizen-ji Park (水前寺公園, Suizen-ji Kōen)) in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. The main tsukiyama is a representation of Mount Fuji. Lord Hosokawa Tadatoshi began construction of the garden in 1636 as a tea retreat. The park was named after a no-longer-extant Buddhist temple called Suizen-ji, and now hosts the Izumi Shrine, where members of the Hosokawa family are enshrined, and a Nōgaku-dō, a Noh theater. Lord Hosokawa selected this site because of its spring-fed pond, which clean water was excellent for tea. The thatched Kokin-Denju-no-Ma teahouse was originally in Kyoto's Imperial Palace, but was moved here in 1912.

The garden has been declared by the national government a historic site of scenic beauty.


Suizenji Park

Suizenji Kōen is an interesting and much visited venue, featuring miniature landscapes, a temple and small lakes containing large, hungry, and multi-coloured carp. It is a short tram ride from the city. Nearby, there are many omiyage and snack shops.

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