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Susukino District In Sapporo City, Japan

Nefer • 3 minutes read • December 22nd, 2016
At night, this district in 


 is full of life - there was karaoke, bars, restaurants, and other forms of entertainment. Advertising screens were flickering and trees covered in flyers stood at intersections. In general, this area had everything!
1susukino-district-in-sapporo-city-japan.jpgIn Japan, there are three well-known areas: Kabuki-cho in Tokyo, Nakasu in Okayama and Susukino in 


. The nights were as bright as the days were.
2susukino-district-in-sapporo-city-japan.jpg3susukino-district-in-sapporo-city-japan.jpgThe intersection with a clock was one of the symbols of the district.
4susukino-district-in-sapporo-city-japan.jpg5susukino-district-in-sapporo-city-japan.jpgGiant crab!
6susukino-district-in-sapporo-city-japan.jpgDuring the day, everything was calm and cute.  
7susukino-district-in-sapporo-city-japan.jpg8susukino-district-in-sapporo-city-japan.jpg9susukino-district-in-sapporo-city-japan.jpg10susukino-district-in-sapporo-city-japan.jpg11susukino-district-in-sapporo-city-japan.jpg12susukino-district-in-sapporo-city-japan.jpg Author: Nefer
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