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Suva, Fiji Islands

mff • 4 minutes read • March 29th, 2017
Suva is an absolutely beautiful capital of the South Pacific...
1suva-fiji-islands.jpg2suva-fiji-islands.jpgSuva has an excellent colonial city center, not yet completely overgrown with skyscrapers with a siding finish.
3suva-fiji-islands.jpg4suva-fiji-islands.jpg5suva-fiji-islands.jpgThe future is already there, but the remnants of the old life seem to be enough for our generation.
6suva-fiji-islands.jpgThe geography of Suva is arranged roughly like the New Caledonian Noumea: the whole city fits on a small hilly peninsula 3 × 5 km.
7suva-fiji-islands.jpg8suva-fiji-islands.jpgHere's Roman Catholic Cathedral:
9suva-fiji-islands.jpgI consider Suva to be a very beautiful city in the South Pacific.
10suva-fiji-islands.jpgTrade may ramp out onto the sidewalks, and the pedestrian crowd may walk directly in the roadway.
11suva-fiji-islands.jpg12suva-fiji-islands.jpg13suva-fiji-islands.jpg14suva-fiji-islands.jpg15suva-fiji-islands.jpgThere are quite little Fijians in Fiji  Han in the country half a percent, and Hindus - 38%, but the face of urban business is distinctly Indo-Chinese.
16suva-fiji-islands.jpg17suva-fiji-islands.jpg18suva-fiji-islands.jpgIn the very center of Suva, the number of street trade is always large and it is concentrated in the urban market.
19suva-fiji-islands.jpg20suva-fiji-islands.jpgThere one can buy a touch, sweet potato, and taro:
21suva-fiji-islands.jpg22suva-fiji-islands.jpg23suva-fiji-islands.jpg24suva-fiji-islands.jpgThe buyer tests the fish for freshness (the skin of the fresh fish must quickly smooth after pressing).
25suva-fiji-islands.jpg26suva-fiji-islands.jpg27suva-fiji-islands.jpg28suva-fiji-islands.jpgThe central bus station still looks like a postcard from 1965:
29suva-fiji-islands.jpgThere are already comfortable air-conditioned international buses on the routes to Nandi and Lautoka. These Fiji buses still run around Suva.There are no windows, so it is necessary to cover canvas curtains when it is raining.
30suva-fiji-islands.jpgThis is a central hotel:
31suva-fiji-islands.jpgThis is a central post office.
32suva-fiji-islands.jpgHere's a central park with unique double concrete paths, similar to the railway and the clock tower:
33suva-fiji-islands.jpg34suva-fiji-islands.jpgOutside the center, Suva becomes a one-storied city with narrow streets running down to the quay from the green hills.
35suva-fiji-islands.jpg36suva-fiji-islands.jpgHere's St Andrew’s Church:
37suva-fiji-islands.jpgOne-storied city of Suva is absolutely magical.
38suva-fiji-islands.jpgThe locals are very smiling.
39suva-fiji-islands.jpgAlthough, there are some alarming details...
40suva-fiji-islands.jpgThe attentive reader learns the logos of the same armed security services as in South Africa. The guides and the local advice going even to the next neighborhood by taxi after sunset: evening and night street robberies happen frequently.
41suva-fiji-islands.jpgWe decided to keep exploring the Fiji Islands...
42suva-fiji-islands.jpg Author: mff
Translated by: 

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