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Suva, Nausori. Fiji

mff • 3 minutes read • March 29th, 2017
These are the famous Fijian beaches. It was a day off, there was no any single free square meter for many kilometers around Suva on the beach:
1suva-fiji-islands-continuation.jpg2suva-fiji-islands-continuation.jpgNausori is the most beautiful town in Fiji with the remaining colonial buildings and Indo-Fijians. inhabiting it.
3suva-fiji-islands-continuation.jpgNaousori stands on the amazingly wide river for the Pacific island, Reva.
4suva-fiji-islands-continuation.jpgReva is the same Reva river from Jack London's "Tales of the South Seas," in the upper reaches of which white preachers are killed in exchange for paying a cachalot's tooth.
5suva-fiji-islands-continuation.jpg6suva-fiji-islands-continuation.jpg7suva-fiji-islands-continuation.jpgThis is a bus station:
8suva-fiji-islands-continuation.jpgHere's a crowded street (there are still those Fijian buses that have no glasses and have rubberized blinds in case of rain):
9suva-fiji-islands-continuation.jpgHere's the street food:
10suva-fiji-islands-continuation.jpg11suva-fiji-islands-continuation.jpgThe urban market in Naousori looks like a real slum, overgrown with extensions and improvements from materials at hand:
12suva-fiji-islands-continuation.jpg13suva-fiji-islands-continuation.jpgIn order to convert Fijian dollars to USD, you should divide into 2:
14suva-fiji-islands-continuation.jpg Author: mff
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