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Sydney. Bondi Beach

Anich • 3 minutes read • March 30th, 2017
Hello, my dear friends!

I'd like to share this short review of a sea with you!
However, the sea was very stormy on that day, which allowed us to see the true value of its power and strength, but not to enjoy the swimming :)

Let's look at the famous Bondi Beach in Sydney!

This beach is the most popular one in Sydney, it is located just 8 km from the business center of the city. You work in the office, then go to the beach in the evening! :)
We went there after visiting the zoo, which I told you about in the previous review of Sydney. We planned to swim, but managed only to splash :)

The word "bondi" is of Aboriginal origin, meaning "water breaking over rocks".

Despite the fact that the beach is 1 km long, the Rescue Service of Australia assigned several categories on a 10-point risk scale to it: from 4 points in the northern part to 7 points in the southern one due to the dangerous current at the shore.
The southern part is open only for the surfers, and the zones are marked with flags of different colors.

For surfers, of course, the more waves, the better. However, it's impossible to swim in this water.
Well, of course, it can be very calm and much more beautiful at this beach, when the sky is clear and there is no strong wind. We were not lucky that day:)

Sharks often swim here in summer. 

We met this nice car on the way.

In the next review of Sydney, I'll show you its impressive views at night!
Author: Anich
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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