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Sydney. P.2.

Sergey Dolya • 3 minutes read • November 19th, 2015
Throughout you can see the influence of Great Britain. Even in the names of streets and districts:

Before Christmas main streets were especially crowded. All went shopping and looking for gifts for friends and loved ones:

Pay attention to his shoes. Crocs are really popular in Australia. I've seen whole shops selling only Crocs. They already do them even with fur:

Second popular after crocs shoes are Ugg boots:

Before Christmas all the fundraisers become more active:

Strange to see a Christmas tree without snow:

A huge number of cars were decorated with Christmas antlers. Though there was no snow, however, all citizens of Sydney tried to create in the city a holiday atmosphere:

There are several pedestrian streets in the center:

Coca-Cola organized a contest and was handing out the jars with their drink on a pedestrian street for free. So there was a lot of people eagering to get some free coke:

Eco-friendly bicycle taxi:

There are many parks in the city:

People in


are very athletic. Early in the morning, afternoon and late evening you can meet a lot of people running on the waterfront:

The role of the usual carrion crows in


is performed by white parrots:

All birds in city parks are enumerated:

Garbage in


is gathered separately:
Author: Sergeydolya

Translated by: Gian Luka

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