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Sydney. Walking Through Parks And Waterfronts

Uritsk Andrey • 4 minutes read • October 26th, 2016
Early in the morning of January 15, our cruise ship moored at


terminal, located near the famous bridge exactly opposite the

Sydney Opera House

. Ah, it seems like I arrived here only yesterday - on the last day of 2010! And today, my journey is coming to its end also in Sydney.
1sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg2sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg
The ship still hasn't wiped off the traces of yesterday's farewell party. :)
3sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg
After the disembarkation from "Princess", I left my things at the airport and returned to the city - the plane departs only in the evening, it makes no sense to sit in the terminals. The cruise is over, the mood is not very happy (I think many of you experience such feelings after good long cruises) - but I do not want to spend the whole day on the beach! Therefore, after returning to the waterfront, I walked to the opera, took pictures of "Princess", crossed the bridge, and aimlessly went along the opposite bank.
4sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg5sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg
Here's "Princess" from the bridge:
6sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg
And here are views of the Sydney harbor from the northern bank.
7sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg8sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg9sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg
This is a lighthouse (Robertson Point Light) :
10sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg11sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg12sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg13sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg14sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg
In the background, you can see the ferry pier near

Taronga Zoo

, and on this small sandy beach, I had a good swim...: :)
15sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg
On the northern bank of the Sydney harbor, in addition to the zoo, there are several natural parks with numerous different paths. And also there are such charming lizards gamboling everywhere: :)
16sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg17sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg
After strolling through the park, I got on the ferry and went back to Circular Quay.
18sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg19sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg
Here are other several pictures of our "Princess" in the port:
20sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg21sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg22sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg23sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg
And if you go under the bridge and then along the shore of the harbor, you'll get to Darling Harbour with another one cruise terminal, where there was a ship of the British cruise company P&O Cruises.
24sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg25sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg
In the very recess of Darling Harbour, there is the very interesting Australian National Maritime Museum. Its exposition tells us not only about the sea, but also about the history of Australia since the times of convicts of the great geographical discoveries era, and up to the present day. In the museum, you can see the destroyer of World War II, submarine, several sailboats, one of which even carries on special cruises. And also Darling Harbour can be proud of its Pyrmont Bridge built in 1902 - it is the world's first electric swing drawbridge.
26sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg27sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg28sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg29sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg30sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg31sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg32sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg33sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg34sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg35sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg36sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg37sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg38sydney-walking-through-the parks-and-waterfronts.jpg
After that I took a taxi and went to the airport.
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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