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Tails Of Alaskan Whales

Sergey Dolya • 4 minutes read • November 10th, 2015



(the city in


, where Russia sold Alaska to America) we boarded a catamaran and went to watch wild animals. The main purpose of our trip were the sea-otters. Exactly because of their fur Russia colonized Alaska, and when each one of the otters were killed, sold it to America, as it could no longer support the colony - gold then had not still been found and oil was not appreciated.

Of course, we saw the otters (the Americans have restored their population), but the highlight of our trip became the whales. At first it was a huge humpback whale, which suddenly began to frantically thrash its tail on the water right in front of our boat, and then the grey whale. Generally speaking I've seen the grey whale for the first time in my life, although I've already seen more than a hundred of the humpback ones, but my luck this time spread even further. The fact is that gray whales rarely pull the tail out of the water, but our whale decided to become a pleasant exception from these rules...

Our guide said that scientists do not know why whales sometimes (very rarely) hit the water in such a way. Whether they hunt or try to bring down the 'passengers' from their tails:

American symbol:

And these are otters themselves. They are renowned for their fur. Per square centimeter of otter grow up to 150 000 of hairs:

They gather in groups and sleep, rocking on the waves:

And this is the ration of the sea-otter:

It's really easy to search for whales in the sea. First you need to find the fountain, which is quite clearly visible from afar:

Usually whale makes a few breaths and then drops down for about 5 minutes. During this time, you need to come by boat to the place where it dived and wait until it emerges. This usually occurs not very far away, and you are already in place:

Before it dives into the deep, the whale may show its tail out of the water, just like this grey whale:

Already on the way back the coast guard helicopter flew by us, and our guide remembered one local joke. Near


there is a volcano, which for several hundred years hasn't waken up, and here one joker, on 1st April, pulled up a few car tires and set them on fire. The entire city was evacuated, before they understood, what was going on...

We saw the killer whales. Beautiful creations...
Author: Sergeydolya
Source: sergeydolya.livejournal.com

Translated by: Gian Luka

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