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Takamaka is one of the 22 administrative regions of Mahé, Republic of Seychelles. It is located on the southern part of the island of Mahé. (3 other districts cover the two other main islands of the Republic, Grand' Anse and Baie Sainte Anne on the island of Praslin and the inner islands district which comprise the 3rd largest island, La Digue). Its population is estimated at around 3,000.


Economic activity is grouped around local traditional farming and fishing. There is some tourism-related infrastructure comprising four small hotels (Allamanda Hotel, Captain's Villa (self-catering), Chez Batista). The largest hotel is the Banyan Tree Resort at Anse Intendance.

Most of the population is employed by the services and trade sector (public service, private commerce (including tourism).

As with all districts, there is a primary school, health center, police station and District Administration Office all grouped around or near the local Roman Catholic Church of Ste Mary Magdalena.

It takes some 1 hour to commute by public bus to the capital, Victoria, some 25 km away and centre for all administrative and commercial activities. A regular public bus service runs daily from around 05.30 to 20.00 hours.

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