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Take-Offs Of SXM

Anich • 4 minutes read • November 15th, 2016
Today I'll show you 

Maho Beach

from an unusual angle.
Of course, you can find such photos on the internet, but there are far fewer than the number of photos of planes landing on this beach in

Saint Maarten


We managed to climb high up the hill, and this view was our reward.  

7545 feet (2300 meters) of runway looked like quite a short strip from above.
We got a little lower - you can also take interesting pictures here.
Here's a view of the terminal.
The atmosphere began to thicken . . . 
It can be rainy even on a sunny day on the island.
A340 Air France flew to Paris.
Sorry for the quality, but I really wanted to share this "wet" take-off with you.
Here's another photo, of poor quality, but I wanted to keep it . . .  at least for myself.
Below is not a typical situation for an airplane to be in . . .  the pilot canceled take-off.
Once, I experienced such a situation as a passenger. It was not very nice, as you can imagine. 
Here's the beautiful KLM, one of the most spectacular "models" - it is great from any angle!
I couldn't decide which one of them was more interesting...
...so I'll show you both. :)
And here's Air France again, and here's Paris again...
A340 is an excellent aircraft, I flew on it from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne.
As a final note, here's a picture of the 

Grand Case

 Airport - for some reason, we left it without attention.
I took this picture from behind the fence of some dwelling houses.

We'll definitely pay more attention to the Grand Case Airport next time.
In the next review, I'll show you pictures of some narrow-bodied airplanes.
Author: Anich
Source: anich.livejournal.com
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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