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Tallinn at Night - Beer Restaurants, Strip Clubs And Amazing Panoramas

lavagra • 5 minutes read • February 1st, 2017
This time I'd like to tell you about my evening promenade down the streets of Old Tallinn with dinner in one of the beer restaurants.
The easiest way to reach the Old Town is by taxi. Prices are not small (from 10 Euros as of 2013).
Once I'll definitely take a walk through all towers of the castle walls in the Old Town. Each of them has interesting stories and appearance.
Entrance to the Old Town of Tallinn is also located at the towers of former Viru Gates. There's a flower market nearby and this is a starting point of the main tourist and entertainment routes in Tallinn.
Our goals were more entertaining than educational. We immediately started looking with interest at the local restaurants and prices in them. There are many options to have a good time here.
Tallinn is always ready with bells on to meet thousands of visitors from different countries. It is not a secret that the Finns and the Russians dominate. They dictate the prices and fashion.
A high pitch on the street is very popular here. Everything is in medieval style.
There are so many places of entertainment that it's impossible without touts. The stark realities of life is that today this role falls to very young girls.
They use smiles, gentle dalliance, advertising brochures and even special banknotes accepted only in certain bars and restaurants.
Well, if a tavern doesn't have money for the touts, they put a dummy in national costumes. Perhaps someone will be hooked on it.
The restaurant called "Troika" took things a step further. They placed a couple of bears at the entrance. Not real, of course! However, it seems that this attempt didn't add them visitors.
There are also many strip clubs in the Old Town. Their ads sometimes causes a smile. Tallinn is a seaport and such places will always be in demand.
As for me, I'm much more attracted by the mysterious courtyards and ancient doors in the city walls. They keep many unknown secrets and it attracts like a magnet.
Finally, we chose the tavern and spent there several hours talking and drinking hot beer (yes, it is served being hot here, I recommend).
When we went out, it was already dark. It's a great time to climb to the top of the Old Town.
Somewhere along the way we saw deer. Is that because of beer!?!
Illumination of Tallinn at night is really beautiful. We made the right choice.
The city in the moonlight is amazing. I had a feeling as if I found myself in the fabulous city of Anderson and the Brothers Grimm.
Even the restroom looks like a time machine at this time of day.
Everything has its hidden meaning. Things that seemed usual at daylight become strange and incomprehensible. It's needless to say that walking in Tallinn at night is absolutely safe and very comfortable. Fresh air, absence of traffic and night views (plus a few glasses of hot Estonian beer) evoke philosophic thoughts. This is also a great time for lovers and hopeless romantics. Perhaps, this is that Tallinn I'd like to keep in my memory to come back here again!
Author: lavagra
Source: lavagra.livejournal.com
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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