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Tanjung, Lombok
History and museums
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Tanjung is a town on the island Lombok and is also the capital of the North Lombok Regency in the Indonesian province West Nusa Tenggara. "Tanjung" means "Cape" in Bahasa Indonesia.

Tanjung is known for its market and its temples. There is a new Buddhist temple (Sutta Dhamma Lenek) near Tanjung. Another Buddhist Temple, Vihara Dhamma, can be visited in the centre of Tanjung. About 800 Buddhists live in and around Tanjung. Pura Medana is a sightworthy Hindu temple in the west of Tanjung on the small peninsula Sira. Every Sunday a special cattle market is held in Tanjung.

There are various sightworthy waterfalls in the east of Tanjung, e.g. Air Terjung Gangga and Air Terjun Tiu with a height of 30 metres.

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