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Tegueste (mencey)

History and museums
sightseeing, attractions, statues

Tegueste was a Guanche mencey king of Menceyato de Tegueste in times of the conquest of Tenerife in the fifteenth century.

Tegueste was born probably sometime in the second half of the fourteenth century.

According to some sources the eighth son was mencey Tinerfe (the Great). Tinerfe originally divided Tenerife among eight of their children, leaving out of the distribution of two of her younger children: Tegueste and Aguahuco (Zebensui father). However, probably because these two were the only ones of their children who took lawsuit tribute to his son Betzenuriya (first, before long, would inherit a territory on the island), the royal house of Taoro rewarded them by giving the parts Tegueste and Punta del Hidalgo respectively.

No struggles are known for their part in the Spanish conquest, however, it is known that he was one of the menceyes who was in the conference Tagoror with Diego de Herrera in 1464, the conquistador who gave permission to settle in Tenerife. After the Spanish conquest, Tegueste was baptized like everybody else menceyes governing the realms of Tenerife at the time of the conquest.

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