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Terms That Can be Understood Only by Cruise Addicts

7 minutes read • May 31st, 2018
It’s no secret that cruises become more and more popular today. New cruise lines, new ships, new itineraries, new ports of call… There’s even a new category of people that call themselves ‘

cruise addicts

,’ and we bet most of you would like to become one of them, wouldn’t you?
Well, it’s quite simple, really. We will definitely tell you about the main signs that you are a passionate cruise lover a bit later. And now we’re going to share several terms that can be understood only by cruise addicts – a kind of a cruise vocabulary.
cruise addicts terms
©  Public Domain/Pixabay  

Let’s check if you know their meaning!

B2B – A back to back cruise, which means that you book two consecutive cruises on the same ship. You can even stay in the same stateroom sometimes. We believe now you can guess what B2B2B means.

Boutique ship – A luxury elegant small cruise ship.
cruise addicts terms
SeaDream II operated by SeaDream Yacht Club
©  Public Domain/Pixabay  

Captain’s table – A special opportunity for a select group of the ship’s guests to dine with her captain.

Chair Hog – A person who goes down early in the day and reserves a lounger in a prime location on the pool deck. They put down a towel to reserve their space, leaving the best spots taken despite no one actually sitting there. This leaves a number of spots not being used by anything but a towel. (Definition of this cruise term was kindly provided by Tanner Callais, founder of Cruzely.com

Crickets – A term for unattended children that run around the ship and make a mess. (This term was shared with us by Laura Longwell, travel expert, and blogger at www.traveladdicts.net)

Cruise director – A person who is responsible for the ship’s entertainment. Usually, he/she acts as the M.C.

Elegant Night (or Formal Night) – A special evening on a cruise ship when guests put on evening attire and enjoy dinner in an elegant atmosphere. Usually, the number of Elegant Nights depends on the length of the cruise.
cruise addicts terms
Formal Night on Celebrity Solstice by Curtis & Renee/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0
Juliette Cabin – A cabin that doesn't actually have a balcony, but has a floor to ceiling sliding glass door. (This is another term that Laura Longwell told us).  

Muster drill – A mandatory drill held before the ship departs for all cruisers to familiarize themselves with the emergency procedures. You learn how to put on the life jacket and where to go if the ship needs to be evacuated (called your muster station). (This definition was kindly given by Anisa Alhilali, blogger at www.twotravelingtexans.com)
cruise addicts terms
Muster station by GollyGforce/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

OBC (Onboard credit) – “Free” money added to your cruise account. You can get it during booking the cruise (as a discount) or from a cruise line (as a compensation for an unforeseen situation). You can use it for onboard Spa services, beverages, shore excursions, Internet access, etc. (depending on the type of OBC). It’s also called a shipboard credit.

Open-jaw sailing – An itinerary which begins in one port and ends in another. For example, the cruise from Barcelona to Venice.

Open seating – A type of dinner sitting when time and tables are not fixed.

Pier Running – The desperate act of racing back to the boat while it is already in the process of leaving. (That’s how Laura Longwell from www.traveladdicts.net described this situation). Can you guess how the main characters of this act are called? That's right, cruise lovers call them “pier runners.” By the way, we’re going to talk about them (or rather look at them) later, so stay tuned (you can find the story here).

Repos – A re-positioning cruise, which is a one-way cruise where the boat is moved from one region to another, such as from the Caribbean to Europe. (This is another term given by Laura Longwell)

Sailaway party – Celebration of setting sail. Usually, it takes place by the pool on the ship’s open deck.
cruise addicts terms
Sailaway party on Disney Magic by flickrized/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Sasquatch – Passengers who don't like their photos taken by the ship photographers. (We found out about this term from Laura Longwell).

Scenic cruise – A special type of cruises that offer more sea days (see below) without getting off the ship to admire masterpieces by Mother Nature, for example, glaciers in Alaska, fjords in Norway, etc.
cruise addicts terms
Geirangerfjord, Norway
©  Public Domain/Pixabay  

Sea day – A day spent at sea without calling at the port.

Shorex (Shore-X) – A shore excursion one can purchase onboard.

Tender – A small boat that transports cruise travelers from the vessel to the shore and back in the ports where the liner is anchored offshore. Such ports are called tender ports. BTW, the ship’s lifeboats are also called tenders.  
cruise addicts terms
MSC Opera passengers being tendered
Photo by Rennett Stowe/Wiki/CC BY 2.0

Vampires – Nickname for the tired people who camp out in the casino at all hours of the night gambling and chain smoking. (One more interesting cruise term from Laura Longwell)

Virtual balcony – A floor-to-ceiling TV screen in the Interior cabin that shows live views of what’s happening outside.
cruise addicts terms
Photo courtesy of Royal Caribbean International
USCs and NUSCs – U.S. Citizen and Non-U.S. Citizen. This is frequently used to differentiate immigration and visa status on a cruise. However, it's also used by cruise staff overseas to set tipping expectations. USCs tip better than NUSCs. (This definition was also kindly provided by Laura Longwell)

So what do you say? Did you know the meaning of these terms? Do you have anything to add to our dictionary? Please, share your thoughts and cruise-related terms in the comments! 

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