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Terra Mítica

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Terra Mítica (Valencian pronunciation: ˈtɛra ˈmitika) is a theme park located in Benidorm, Comunitat Valenciana, Spain. The park is divided into 5 themed zones: Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia, and the Islands (of the Mediterranean). The park opened in 2000.

In 2004–2006 the park went through a bankruptcy process. In 2001, a year after park opening, Paramount Parks entered into an agreement to manage Terra Mitica, and the park was branded as a Paramount Park for the following season. In 2004 Paramount Parks filed for the Spanish equivalent of bankruptcy protection from its creditors. Since then the park has been operating independently. Terra Mítica emerged from temporary receivership in 2006, after restructuring its expenses, reducing labor costs, and canceling debt through the sale of excess park land. After generating, on average, a negative operating profit of 8 million € per year from its inception, Terra Mítica produced positive EBITDA in 2006.

For the 2008 season, Terra Mítica added a new free access area including major branded food chains and shops as well as an outdoor adventure park. Plans for the 2009 season include the addition to shopping outlets adjacent to the Iberia section of the park. A hotel is also planned to be built by Ortiz Hijos in the area just behind the Egypt section of the park.

For the 2013 season the park has been divided in to two separate parks Iberia Park and Terra Mitica, The former being a free to enter area that requires tokens to be bought for access to the rides. it covers half of the Egypt zone and all of the Iberia and Islands areas. The Latter is a pay to enter area where all rides are free while inside . For the 2014 season, Iberia Park became gated, requiring a ticket to enter.


Park structure

The park is organized into five thematic areas:

  • Egypt - This area is influenced by ancient Egyptian culture and artifacts.
  • Greece - This area is influenced by ancient Greek culture and mythology.
  • Rome - This area is influenced by ancient Roman culture and history.
  • Iberia -. This area is influenced by ancient Iberian culture and life.
  • The Islands - This area is also influenced by the ancient Mediterranean cultures and history.

In 2008, the following areas were added to the park:

  • Ocionía - A free access area with themed shops, branded restaurants, and pay-as-you-go attractions. Ocionia is located just before the park entrance area.
  • Atalaya - An outdoor adventure and obstacle course with challenges for adults and children alike. Atalaya is adjacent to the park entrance.


In total, there are 25 rides at the park. The list of rides by complexity is given below (strong - red colour, medium - yellow colour, easy - green colour, children - blue colour).


Calendar and admission

Terra Mitica is open from March to December. The park has irregular opening days listed on park's website. Generally, it opens from 10 am to 8 pm in March, April, May, and in some days of June and September, October and November. The parks opens from 10 am to 1 am in some days of June and September, full July and full August.

In 2009, a single adult ticket costs €34. A two-day adult ticket is €48. An afternoon adult ticket is €21. There are discounted tickets for juniors (5–10 years old), seniors (60 years and older), and disabled people. Children 0–5 years enter free.

Season passes are also available: adult season pass - €62 (family: €56); season pass renewal: €45 (family: €41); Club Babá Season pass (children 5-10): €32. For family season passes a proof of family relationship is required.

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