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Terry Hershey Park

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Terry Hershey Park is a county park that runs parallel to a roughly 6 mile (9.65 kilometer) western stretch of the Buffalo Bayou in Houston, Texas, United States. The park is named after Terry Hershey, a conservationist who campaigned to keep the banks of Buffalo Bayou from being paved. The park hosts a network of walking and dirt trails that run along the bayou from State Highway 6 to the Sam Houston Tollway. The park is a popular destination for residents living in the neighborhoods along the park, local city bikers and Geocachers.

Bike trails

The park maintains a network of both paved asphalt paths and dirt trails along the bayou. The paved walkways are located in the cleared stretch of the park, free of trees, and are about 10 feet in width. The dirt trails, however, cut through the densely grown forest growing along the bayou, and are not easily accessible.

The park promotes its signature bike trails, the "Anthills", on its website.

Neighborhoods along the park

Neighborhoods are listed from east to west.

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