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Teufelsberg Or Devil's Mountain In Berlin. P2

lavagra • 3 minutes read • January 15th, 2017
This is a continuation of the review on 


or Devil's Mountain in 

Berlin; you can find the first part

Later, we were brought to the main station building with the giant dome under which there was once a radar installation, hidden on the roof.
28teufelsberg-or-devil's-mountain-in-berlin.jpgOnce powerful computer centers were located here on several floors. Now, these large rooms with concrete partitions have been converted into an art gallery.

Devil’s Mountain

has a weird emanation of biological energy.
37teufelsberg-or-devil's-mountain-in-berlin.jpgWe climbed up to the roof of the buildings.
38teufelsberg-or-devil's-mountain-in-berlin.jpgThere were two tattered, spherical domes and the tower.
39teufelsberg-or-devil's-mountain-in-berlin.jpg40teufelsberg-or-devil's-mountain-in-berlin.jpg41teufelsberg-or-devil's-mountain-in-berlin.jpg42teufelsberg-or-devil's-mountain-in-berlin.jpg43teufelsberg-or-devil's-mountain-in-berlin.jpg44teufelsberg-or-devil's-mountain-in-berlin.jpg45teufelsberg-or-devil's-mountain-in-berlin.jpgThen, we ascended to the top of Devil's Mountain.
46teufelsberg-or-devil's-mountain-in-berlin.jpgOnce there was an elevator…
47teufelsberg-or-devil's-mountain-in-berlin.jpg48teufelsberg-or-devil's-mountain-in-berlin.jpg49teufelsberg-or-devil's-mountain-in-berlin.jpgAnd then, we finally made it to the very top, the ground below had a giant spherical dome.
51teufelsberg-or-devil's-mountain-in-berlin.jpgIt's hard to say what shall happen to Teufelsberg in the near future. But at the moment this place is worth visiting by even the cranky guests from the capital of Germany. Hurry up to see this strange place, before it becomes another tourist attraction.
52teufelsberg-or-devil's-mountain-in-berlin.jpg Author: Lavagra
Source: lavagra.livejournal.com
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