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The Australian City Of Darwin

mff • 3 minutes read • February 14th, 2017
Flying foxes (which are actually quite distant relatives of bats) occupy an ecological niche of pigeons in Australian cities. They are everywhere, from Sydney to


. This is a coarser version of bats: they are much hairier and have no sonar.
1the-australian-city-of-darwin.jpgWhilst the aborigines in the Australian cities occupy a niche of homeless people.
2the-australian-city-of-darwin.jpg4the-australian-city-of-darwin.jpgThis is an irrigation system of...a usual grass for horses and cows.
5the-australian-city-of-darwin.jpgThis is the Australian railroad.
6the-australian-city-of-darwin.jpg7the-australian-city-of-darwin.jpg8the-australian-city-of-darwin.jpgThe city of Darwin has almost been wiped off the face of the earth 2 times: in 1942 by the Japanese, and in 1974 by a cyclone. So the city explorers won't find anything special in Darwin.
9the-australian-city-of-darwin.jpg10the-australian-city-of-darwin.jpg11the-australian-city-of-darwin.jpgDarwin by its climate and location looks like a real South-East Asia. It was even built as an alternative city to Singapore. Darwin is located on the Timor Sea, but during the most part of the year you won't swim there: there is plenty of poisonous jellyfish and crocodiles that bring death and destruction. Then the cubicles from the grid are arranged in the sea, so people can swim there.
12the-australian-city-of-darwin.jpgBut the tourists usually visit


not to see explore the city, but for the sake of national parks, full of crocodiles, birds, termite mounds and rock carvings.

This is Kakadu Park.
14the-australian-city-of-darwin.jpg15the-australian-city-of-darwin.jpg16the-australian-city-of-darwin.jpg17the-australian-city-of-darwin.jpg18the-australian-city-of-darwin.jpg19the-australian-city-of-darwin.jpg Author: mff
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