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The Bahamas - Half Moon Cay

River Pilgrim • 4 minutes read • September 17th, 2015
The Atlantic Ocean. Sunrise near the 



In 1996 

Holland America Line 

purchased the uninhabited island of Little San Salvador that was a part of the archipelago of the Bahamas and opened a port on this island.

Half Moon Cay 

is a small island in the Caribbean Sea, one of the other 700 islands that form the archipelago of the Bahamas.

Half Moon Cay is private and belongs to Holland America Company that purchased it in 1996. As a rule, one-day stops on this island are made during almost all voyages from Miami to the Caribbean.

Such boats sailing every 30 minutes are used for transportation of the passengers from the ship to the island.

Activities here include scuba diving, water skiing, deep sea fishing, parasailing, trips on boats with a glass bottom, windsurfing and kayaking, horseback riding. The beach is partly free: the first line of places near the water and next to them are free, but the third, in the depths, costs $50 for a sunbed - there is a cape from the sun.

There are a lot of living creatures on Half Moon Cay: mainly birds and lizards. However, if you go to the less crowded part of the island, you'll find a lot of animals in the Northern part. In the Central part, you'll only see running chickens. 

For $7.50 you can get such frozen cocktail. Due to the fact that the ice is poured in unlimited quantities, all drinks turn into fruit-frozen ice. However, after a few days, we noticed that many people use these bottles more efficiently: people pour alcoholic drinks in them after the tour and before getting on board.

It is always difficult to answer what place you would like to come back to when asked after the cruise, it is very hard to choose, everything is interesting. But in our case, the choice of such place was obvious: I wish I could stay here forever!
Author: River Pilgrim
Translated by: Gian Luka

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