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The Capital Of Malta

Sergey Dolya • 4 minutes read • June 13th, 2016
1malta-valletta.jpgJust imagine a city with a population of 5,700 people - this number includes the entire population of 


, the capital of 


. However, there are many other cities and suburbs around 


the boundaries between it are rather conventional and blurred, so it would seem that there were a lot more people. Nevertheless, here's my review of this strange city . . . 
2malta-valletta.jpgThe Old Town is separated by part of an old fort, which is the only outline of Valletta:
3malta-valletta.jpgThe city was built in a square-cluster method, so it was impossible to get lost there. You can easily walk directly across Valletta:
4malta-valletta.jpgThe city was intersected by two wide streets:
5malta-valletta.jpg6malta-valletta.jpgThere was nothing on the coast, neither restaurants nor shops. Historically, the Maltese considered the coastline to be a danger zone due to attacks from pirates, so they tried to settle further away from the water:
7malta-valletta.jpgSome tourists in the main square:
8malta-valletta.jpgThis was the Prime Minister of Malta's car. There was only an emblem instead of a license plate:
10malta-valletta.jpgThe state is small, so everything is very similar to a village. Here’s the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for example:
11malta-valletta.jpgThis is the most famous cafe, "Gordina", which has been running since 1837. However, I waited 30 minutes for service . . . when no one came to serve me, I went to McDonald's:
12malta-valletta.jpgA couple of guards honoring their role:
13malta-valletta.jpgThere were a couple of parks with trees in Valletta, which is rare since there was no fresh water in the city. The water is drawn from somewhere else, so it is too expensive to grow vegetation:
14malta-valletta.jpgThere was also a fountain:
15malta-valletta.jpgThis is an embankment. There was nothing special here:
16malta-valletta.jpgThis is a view from the embankment of the neighboring cities:
17malta-valletta.jpgHere’s the bay:
18malta-valletta.jpg19malta-valletta.jpg20malta-valletta.jpgThis booth offered the best views of the city:
21malta-valletta.jpgI had intentionally come here in the evening to take a "masterpiece" shot. But I don't think I succeeded. 
22malta-valletta.jpg23malta-valletta.jpgAuthor: Sergeydolya
Translated by: Zoozi

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