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The Cayman Islands

xorolik • 5 minutes read • September 25th, 2015

Cayman Islands 

are the British overseas territory in West Indies, in the Caribbean Sea.
They include the islands of 

Grand Cayman

, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac.
The capital of the Cayman Islands, 


, is located on the West coast of the Grand Cayman island. The largest island is Grand Cayman, the most populous and the most developed of the three islands.
As a part of the cruise, you don't need a visa!
Since 1523 the Cayman Islands were plotted on maps under the name 'Lagartos', meaning 'alligators' or 'large lizards'. The name 'Cayman Islands' has been used since 1530. The origin of this name comes from a misunderstanding: the European newcomers saw large lizards iguanas and took them for Caiman crocodiles.
Grand Cayman has long been known for its two attractions - three hundred of offshore banks and excellent conditions for scuba diving, but now it has become one of the most popular resorts. 
On the West coast, there is a 7-mile beach, its length is 9 km. There are no rivers on Grand Cayman, so the water is crystal clear and transparent.
Here was adopted the law on the protection of coral reefs that previously were damaged by the anchors of the vessels. Therefore, cruise ships do not come close to the islands and stop in the distance while the passengers get ashore on the boats.
The main attraction on the island is feeding of the stingrays. We went on such tour on Bora Bora and now wanted to experience it again on the Caymans.
We booked a tour from the ship, and it was called 'Stingray & Island Tour'. The landing from the ship was very organized. On the pier, you will have to sign a waiver. We chose a tour on a beautiful boat, where the ladder is lowered into the water straight to the sand. 
At the port, you take the bus, stylized as cabins, after a 30-minute trip around the city you come to the pier where the boat is, also beautiful and comfortable inside. To the Gulf, which is stingrays' home, you also have to ride for 30 minutes. Bay is called the North Sound and near its confluence with the Caribbean Sea lies the Stingray City.
Stingray City stands out against the sea, it is much lighter, and the water is turquoise. There is a shore there and the depth does not exceed 1.5 meters, and there is pure white sand at the bottom. This place has been discovered recently, in the 80s. Fishermen here used to clean and prepare the fish for selling, and entrails were thrown overboard. After a while, they noticed that as soon as their boats approach the shallows then lots of stingrays and other marine life gather around. And they began to bring tourists there. Stingrays swim here after hearing the sound of the engine because they understand that they'll be given the food.
Of course, there are plenty of boats, powerboats, and catamarans, as well as people. And there were not a lot of stingrays! The stingrays were probably hungry, they were aggressive, they hit their tails on the water so hard, so everyone who was trying to take a picture with them had to constantly be on guard and turn away. I didn't like it, it was not very safe. This tour is much better on Bora Bora: no people, many stingrays, and they are fed, very friendly, and even sharks swim nearby.

We were taken back to the pier, then on the same buses to the port, but for those who were interested, there was one stop on the Seven Mile Beach. We went to the beach, and had a 2-hour opportunity to relax in this beautiful place. Then on the bus we arrived at the port.

Duty-free prices are very cheap, especially on the jewelry.
Translated by: Gian Luka

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