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The City Of Agadir, Morocco

Mike Seryakov • 4 minutes read • February 4th, 2017
The city of


is located in the valley of

Sous River

, which means the south.

This is a fishing port of Agadir. This is a restricted area. The vessels in Agadir are usually built of eucalyptus. This tree swells in water very good. So nowadays the vessels are constructed even without drafts and sketches.
1the-city-of-agadir-morocco.jpgThere are lots of old vessels in the port of Agadir. This is due to the fact that it is less expensive to buy a new boat than a license from the state to sail a new vessel in the waters of Agadir Bay.
2the-city-of-agadir-morocco.jpgIn the early 16th century, the Portuguese built the fortress of Santa Cruz Cap Guero on the hill in Agadir. The mountain offers a great view of Agadir.

Luxury apartments for sale are under construction in almost every resort city. There are the same in Agadir. There are apartments on the water, which can be reached both by car on land and by boat from the ocean.
3the-city-of-agadir-morocco.jpg4the-city-of-agadir-morocco.jpgOn February 28, 1960, there was an earthquake in Agadir. Then the population of Agadir was 50 thousand people, but then 20,000 died. Agadir is still located in a seismic zone. Portuguese fortress also suffered but has retained its layout.
5the-city-of-agadir-morocco.jpgThe Agadir marker (souk) is located in a huge park surrounded by crenelated walls - one of the largest in Morocco.
6the-city-of-agadir-morocco.jpg7the-city-of-agadir-morocco.jpgThe Moroccan police use this method of movement along the promenade in


8the-city-of-agadir-morocco.jpgThere very big waves Agadir, so you can often see the surfers.
9the-city-of-agadir-morocco.jpgI also tried to surf a little.
10the-city-of-agadir-morocco.jpg11the-city-of-agadir-morocco.jpgThis is the sunset in Agadir.
12the-city-of-agadir-morocco.jpgAgadir left me a very good impression. The climate is very interesting - it is chilly and coolly till 11 the morning, and then it is hot.
13the-city-of-agadir-morocco.jpg Author: mikeseryakov
Translated by:Zoozi

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