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The City Of Christchurch, New Zealand

Mike Seryakov • 4 minutes read • February 4th, 2017


is the main city of the South Island. This city is considered to be one of the most "green" cities in the world. It was founded by the graduates of the English College in Oxford and was named in honor of Christ Church College.

Christchurch is the largest city in the South Island and it is called a "provincial capital" of New Zealand. This city is the world's second city by the size of the park in the city center. Of course, New York with its Central Park in Manhattan holds the first place.

In Christchurch, the park in the city center is called

Hagley Park

. The road along the perimeter of the park stretches as much as 11 kilometers.
1the-city-of-christchurch-new-zealand.jpgHowever the city suffered from two earthquakes in a row - the first was on September 4, 2010, of 7 on the Richter scale, and the second took place on February 22, 2011, having 6.3 points. Generally, Christchurch is located in a seismic zone. Since 04.09.2012 until today, the city has already survived 11,000 shakes.
2the-city-of-christchurch-new-zealand.jpgAlthough the city is the third largest in New Zealand after Auckland and Wellington, people do not live in high-rise buildings but in usual one or two-storied houses with small plots mainly in a "private sector".
3the-city-of-christchurch-new-zealand.jpg4the-city-of-christchurch-new-zealand.jpgAnd most importantly - it is a large city with a population of about 400 000 people, but there are NO TRAFFIC JAMS AT ALL...I would be glad to live there. Many New Zealanders, as in many European countries, prefer using the "environmentally friendly" mode of transport.
5the-city-of-christchurch-new-zealand.jpgThe Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament has always been considered to be the main attraction of the city. The Cathedral "did not survive" the earthquake on February 2011.
6the-city-of-christchurch-new-zealand.jpgThe consequences of the earthquake can be seen by the example of some buildings.
7the-city-of-christchurch-new-zealand.jpg8the-city-of-christchurch-new-zealand.jpg9the-city-of-christchurch-new-zealand.jpg10the-city-of-christchurch-new-zealand.jpgThere's such a strange kind of monument in front of the Polytechnic Museum in the city center. The sequence of numbers on its rings make a list of important dates in the history of science.
11the-city-of-christchurch-new-zealand.jpg12the-city-of-christchurch-new-zealand.jpg13the-city-of-christchurch-new-zealand.jpgThere are lots of restaurants and cafes in the city. Many of the tables were reserved.
14the-city-of-christchurch-new-zealand.jpgThe government of New Zealand is planning to keep reconstructing the


Author: mikeseryakov
Translated by: Zoozi

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