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The City Of Darwin, Australia

lavagra • 6 minutes read • January 28th, 2017
1the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpgGenerally, nature has always been against the existence of this city. It appeared among tropical bushes of the Northern Australia teeming with poisonous reptiles and crocodiles-cannibals about 200 years ago. Over the past 100 years it has been four times almost completely razed to the ground, and each time it had reborn anew like the phoenix. And now, these places can hardly be called a paradise. It’s too far away to civilization, plus the climate is very specific.
We are talking about


– the Australian city and an important seaport on the northern most tip of the continent. Surprisingly, in spite of all the vicissitudes of life, today it is an ultra-modern oasis of civilization with superb infrastructure and all the conditions of life and prosperity. Let's recall the recent past of the Darwin city...
2the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpgI am not a connoisseur of Australia. Last year my wife and I visited Australia and stayed in this huge country only for three days. Most of the time we spent in the local national parks of Kakadu and Litchfield.
3the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpgAlthough we spent one day in Darwin, our opinion concerning this city had formed.
4the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpgThe city impresses with its modern urban solutions. There are a lot of greenery, beautiful tropical beaches, manicured parks and ultramodern houses around.
5the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpgIt seems to me that Darwin city is like a city of the future. It is true because there is almost no past - only the present and the future. Yet Darwin has its own interesting instructive history that is worth remembering.
6the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpgThe local Aborigines have lived there before, and live there nowadays. They comprise about 10 percent of the population of the city. They are very different from the rest of the townspeople with their views and way of life. So the city would be a lot more boring without them.
7the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpg8the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpgIn the past, the port was named in honor of Darwin, the famous British scientist, who had a journey round the world.

Almost a century later, a monstrous hurricane hit the city, killing about 30 people.

40 years after this event, in 1937, Darwin was again turned into unrecoverable ruins by another new hurricane.
9the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpgUnfortunately, Darwin has been completely destroyed again in 1942. However, this time it wasn’t nature, who did it. There was a bombing of the city by the Japanese Air Force on February 19, 1942. It entered the history of the country under the name "Australian Pearl Harbor."
10the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpg11the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpg12the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpgThe Japanese air raid had lasted almost two years more. One can only imagine the look of


after this war!
13the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpgBut the city was quickly rebuilt again, and its population grew at a record pace until December 1974. Then on the eve of the Catholic Christmas, Darwin suffered the shock of the most devastating hurricane in modern Australian history.
14the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpgThis cyclone was named Tracy and it was the most compact hurricane of all time observations in this part of the world. Its diameter was about 40 kilometers. However, its center passed through Darwin! Is not it a bad luck?
15the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpg16the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpgThe city was again razed to the ground in just one night.
19the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpgMore than 70 people were killed and nearly a thousand people were injured. 30 thousand inhabitants had been evacuated by warships and aircraft. Most of them have never come back to Darwin.
20the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpgAt this time, the town was rebuilt according to the latest technologies. The peculiarities of the local climate were taken into account when designing buildings.


, in fact, has changed a lot and looked like a futuristic city.
21the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpg22the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpgTake a look at these palm alleys.
23the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpgOr at these modern houses. It all looks remarkably fresh and modern.
24the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpgThe city has practically no traffic jams. Parking rules are followed inviolately.
25the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpgThese are the pedestrian crossings.
26the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpgThe city quay is perfect!
27the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpg28the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpg29the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpg30the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpgThe city is very young and international.

Though, there are lots of Greeks, Italians, Chinese, Vietnamese and Indonesian.
31the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpg32the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpgTourists may still be bored there. There are no old buildings, and the museums are created mainly on the military topic.
33the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpg34the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpgThere are beautiful sandy beaches in the city, but there is no beach holiday in principle for plenty of estuarine crocodiles that live nearby.
35the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpgResidents build artificial reservoirs, but it is not of particular interest for tourists. The locals created an interesting aquarium for visitors of the city. There you can swim among crocodiles in a special transparent box. However, it costs a lot.
36the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpgYes, in general, the prices are quite high for everything. Although, the city marine shows that the locals live a well-off life.
37the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpgWell, the city of Darwin proves that humanity is able not only to survive but to thrive in spite of all the whims of nature and fate.
38the-city-of-darwin-australia.jpg Author: lavagra
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