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The Cosiest Park In Barcelona

Oleg Lenkov • 3 minutes read • February 11th, 2017
1the-cosiest-park-in-barcelona.jpgEach big city has its own special place where you can get some rest from the bustle of the metropolis, stay alone with your thoughts and enjoy the magnificent scenery. In


, this place is a "

Park Guell

2the-cosiest-park-in-barcelona.jpg3the-cosiest-park-in-barcelona.jpgIn this park, you can find very different people, ranging from young mothers with children and ending with the local madmen.
4the-cosiest-park-in-barcelona.jpgAntonio Gaudi was the main architect of the park. His works, the architecture of the park can not be confused with anything else.
5the-cosiest-park-in-barcelona.jpg6the-cosiest-park-in-barcelona.jpg7the-cosiest-park-in-barcelona.jpg8the-cosiest-park-in-barcelona.jpg9the-cosiest-park-in-barcelona.jpgI hope that the part of these photos manages to render at least part of the atmosphere that reigns in this pleasant


10the-cosiest-park-in-barcelona.jpg Author: Oleg Lenkov
Translated by:

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