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The Enchanted Gardens

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The Enchanted Gardens is a resort near Ocho Rios in St. Ann, Jamaica. It is located in a natural river gorge with 14 waterfalls on 8 hectares (20 acres) of land. There is a nature walk with a wide variety of local plants and jungle like atmosphere. There is also an exotic aviary featuring rare birds, scenic ponds and a seawater aquarium.

The resort was originally owned by former Prime Minister Edward Seaga. It was forced to close shortly after 9-11 because of debt and tax issues.

An injunction barring the sale of the Enchanted Gardens was lifted in September 2008, allowing the property to be put back on the market by its current owner the Jamaican Redevelopment Foundation. This is the third time it has been put up for sale but the first without an injunction. It is expected that it will be sold by July 2009.

Although the resort is closed, the property has been refurbished and is open for garden tours, special events, weddings and, soon, lunch. There is a nominal admission fee ($20 in February 2013) for the garden tour, which helps with the upkeep of the gardens and the aviary. Carnival Cruise Lines offers an excursion tour of the gardens or you can visit independently.

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