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The F1 race in Monaco

Sergey Dolya • 6 minutes read • April 9th, 2016
I was invited to Formula 1 by my friend, the sponsor of the Red Bull team. The Monaco Grand Prix is considered to be the most prestigious race. Here comes a great number of yachts and fans of motorsport. The route passes directly on streets. This time competition was especially interesting. The competition was intense and there was one accident. Here's the story not so much about the race (surely everybody watched it on TV), but about how everything is arranged and the details not shown on sports channels...
As I’ve already mentioned, the route passes directly on the streets, that’s why there is not much space for stands. In the first post, I showed how spectators take over city balconies: 
Cars race on the quay, roads are good for that. Some are watching from the yachts. Ships in the background are 10 feet away from the road, they’re booked beforehand. Seats on many boats are sold to everybody.
Since morning the traffic was blocked off. Few policemen were watching the order on the streets:
Narrow streets were literally covered with souvenirs stalls:
As for entertainment, everyone passing by was offered to replace a wheel on a racing car of the Formula 1. For your information, during the race, this process takes about three seconds.
Entrance to a race zone looks like this in the photo below. The examination was extremely loyal: it seemed even tickets weren’t checked thoroughly.
Many companies hired beautiful girls with logos on their t-shirts for promotion.
A complex system of permits is on this board. To get to the closed zones (in Paddock, lounge or garages), it is necessary to have a special badge. There is the instruction at the controllers. The crossed-out tickets are the ones used a day before.
As there is no stadium per se, the whole center is equipped with the system of corridors and tunnels:
It is my tribune. It seems not too far away, but you have to make several circles to reach the place.
This is the tribune from the upper side.
Motor Home of different teams is in the photo. The most interesting happen there, but it is not easy (and it is very expensive) to get in:
Here, for example, is the Paddock's roof of Mercedes. The world F1 champion Lewis Hamilton is talking to girls:
The biggest territory belongs to Red Bull. The company came to race later than the others, when there were no places left on the quay. Red Bull took the place on the mooring, adjusted two barges and occupied a huge territory. For 6000 euros everyone could buy the ticket for the weekend. The only minus - race isn't visible from there. One can watch the race only on plasma screens.

There were racing cars on Red Bull's territory, and I even glanced inside of them. Though it's already my fourth time at the Formula 1, only here I truly realized that pilots drive practically lying:
TV trailers are also here:
Here you can see our seats on the tribune. 
During the race all mechanics sat in front of the TV:
In the middle of the race, a strange chap appeared with his girlfriend and began to take photos:
Then there passed a man with pink carpet:
Firefighters are there in case if something catches on fire:
Guys with flags for giving a visual signal to pilots:
On the first circles when the car passed, fans began to take photos with their phones. Certainly, cars passed so quickly that nobody could manage that:
This is a Ferrari pit stop:
The safety car goes to Ferstappen's accident. He ran into the car ahead and drove into a wall. Fortunately, no victims:
One holds the Safety Car sign, the other one - yellow flag (attention!):
Half an hour before the end of the race, one of the employees reported that nobody would be able to leave the tribune within next 30 minutes. A half of the viewers headed to the exit. It's unclear why one would pay 500 euros to leave without even watching the end of the race:
The race ended, guys congratulated one another:
After the race, I went to the Red Bull territory and bumped into the journalists press-park. The racer was walking along the fence answering questions of the correspondents standing behind it.
Then all the pilots and VIPs were transported on boats. It was difficult to leave the city otherwise.
The track road opened for pedestrians.

Stands are empty:
In a couple of hours, parties started everywhere. Girls danced, men drank, etc.
While the people drank and danced, trucks of teams carried all equipment out. By the evening, the city returned to its normal state.
People began to party hard:
The heat, of course, started at midnight:
In the following post, I will show 


from a different side. Stay Tuned!
Author: Sergeydolya
Translated by: Gian Luka

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