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The First Day In Hanoi

Nefer • 4 minutes read • October 22nd, 2016
Having arrived from the airport, I settled in a hotel and went for a walk. All life in 


is concentrated around 

Hoan Kiem Lake

. There’s the Old Town to the north, the French Quarter to the south, and the road and the river to the east.
I came to Hang Dieu Street. First I saw the 

Cathedral of St. Joseph

. As you can see, this is a Catholic Cathedral. It is considered the most beautiful cathedral in Hanoi.
1first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpgUnfortunately, it was closed. 
2first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpgI went to the lake.
3first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpg4first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpg5first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpg6first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpgIn the middle of the lake was the Thaprua pagoda and the Turtle Tower. This is one of the recognizable symbols of Hanoi.
There is a legend about this place; King Le Thai received a magic sword as a gift from a dragon. This sword helped the king defeat the Chinese invaders. After returning home, he went to the lake where a turtle came up from the depths and caught the sword. Since then, the body of water has been called Lake of the Returned Sword. And on a small island pagoda, Thap Rua was built in memory of the event.
There’s the Central Post Office in the background.
7first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpg8first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpg9first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpgI took a photo of a piece of the French Quarter. This is the Metropol Hotel.
10first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpg11first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpgThere were many weddings held that day. The married couples occupied all the picturesque corners for photo shoots.
12first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpgAs I understood, the headquarters of the North Vietnamese government was in that palace.
13first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpgThere was a fountain in front of the public garden.
14first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpgThis is the State Bank building.
15first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpg16first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpg17first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpg18first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpg19first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpgThere was a park laid along the banks. It is popular among the locals.
20first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpg21first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpgDo you see the two flags and the red bridge? That is Ngokshon pagoda, on the island. I decided to go there.
22first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpg23first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpg24first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpg25first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpg26first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpgThere were some small sculptures in the park. All were very strange.
27first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpg28first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpg29first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpgThere was another monument across the street.
30first-day-in-hanoi-vietnam.jpgThe second part of this review can be found here.
Author: Nefer
Translated by: 

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