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The island of Barbados. Harrison's Cave.

Capi4ca • 4 minutes read • August 17th, 2015
The island of 


. The whole island is a non-smoking area, breaking this law means jail time.

The island of Barbados is a little far from the rest of the Caribbean islands. It was discovered and mapped by Portuguese navigators. Later, a British merchant ship stumbled on the island and it became a British colony.
Now it is an independent state. Its currency is the Barbadian dollar, but American dollars are accepted everywhere. 7% of the population are Caucasian. 
Education and medicine are free, there is no unemployment and the standard of living is high. Many people make their living from tourism, cultivating sugar cane fields and rum. 
Unlike other islands, Barbados does not originate form a volcano. In fact it evolved from coral deposits.

There are a lot of wild monkeys.

Rows of palm trees:

Harrison’s Cave


Thomas Harrison owned these lands in the early 1700s, so the caves were named after him.

Harrison's Cave tour

 includes a botanical garden:

A short film is shown first. An informational video about Barbados.

There is a tunnel inside the cave and tourists are carried through it by electric carts which stops at different areas in the cave. The ceilings are high and there is plenty of lighting. 

Stalactites grow from the ceiling. They have grown less than an inch (2 cm) in over 120 years!

Stalagmites grow all over the cave:

There are many lakes in the cave.

Going down lower and lower.

The train stops in the most beautiful places.

The cave is damp and constantly drips with water.

The cave is high and spacious for the most part:

Our transport.

Walking through the botanical garden.

Previously, locals built such houses for themselves.


Local flowers.

The entrance holds the portraits of management officials:
Author: Capi4ca
Translated by: Gian Luka

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