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The island of Grand Cayman and its capital George Town. P.1.

Barmoska • 6 minutes read • August 26th, 2015
Our next stop during the cruise is the island of 

Grand Cayman

, known for its snow-white emerald beaches, iguanas and off-shore zone. To my surprise, only during my visit I’ve realized that it is one of the wealthiest and prosperous states of the Caribbean…  the annual average salary here is about $55,000-$60,000!

After waking up about 7 am, I went outside onto the balcony and saw a small island. The weather seemed to be good.

After having my breakfast and getting a ticket on the tender, I went to the loading. Port in 

George Town 

doesn’t have large wharfs, so every passenger liner without exception drops its anchors less than a mile away from the coast and tourists are transferred to the land by special boats. People are waiting in queue for boarding:

Such boats transfer the tourists. Loading is taking place simultaneously at two crossing points from the right side of the liner.

In blue t-shirts is a big American family traveling together. The youth is on the right side, the older generation was on the left side (no in the picture).

Here the boat sailed away and the sailor with safety officers are waiting for the next boat to come:

During such moorings you get an opportunity to take photos of the liner from the water:

Royal Caribbean liners joined us from the other side:

One would think it’s the English speaking country…

15 minutes – and I’m on the land. Decided to look a little bit round, and then go to the beach: 

Various shops:

People can buy a fresh coconut:

People take photos with beautiful landscapes:

Liner on the background is a ship of Disney Cruise Line. I imagine it is not fun for those who don’t like all this Disney stuff:

The coast, of course, seems more presentable than in Mexico:

At first, I couldn’t understand what this man takes the ocean water in the buckets for:

And then I saw a little fish market. A woman scales freshly caught fish and prepares it for selling right here on the tables:

And she washes peeled scale with that water:

And this man has already worked a lot for today, I suppose:

The traffic on the Cayman Islands, like on the territory of Great Britain, is left-handed:

One would think that since the island is small, it’s easier to swim to it, but no, the boats are also transported here:

Car tags on the 

Cayman Islands 

look like this:

Some memorial:

I found a bus stop in the center. Decided to ride to the beach, and to take photos of George Town after that: 

Prices, of course, are cheaper than taxis. It is 3-4 miles (6-8 kilometers) to the beach, you won’t walk a lot when it's 82 degrees outside, so it’s easier to pay $2.5 one way: 

I was surprised with these cocks, freely walking in between the cars. Are they homeless?

And this was shot on the way to the beach. Expensive apartment complexes, houses, trade malls, and hotels are being built here. I’m afraid to think about the prices! 

At last, we came to a stop. The driver waved his hand to the left and said: ‘The beach is over there’:

Indeed. There are such signs on the way. You won’t be mistaken!

Guard is bored in the shadows:

The territory of the beach near expensive hotels is filled with such lounge chairs:

Liners appear on the horizon. I couldn't stay on the beach – you have to be the hotel’s guest:

And it is a pity because service here is really good and the lemonade is free:

It is cheaper and less crowded near the cheaper hotels. But I didn’t stay there – there are needles of conifers everywhere:

Went further, to the next hotel:

Local birds run on the hot sand and at times trying to snatch something edible from tourists:

Decided to stay on this part of the beach. For a $20 bribe local staff pretended that I was a hotel's guest and gave me a sun-bed and a towel:

There was an outdoor banquet nearby: 

You can lie in a hammock if you wish:

Tourists are getting on the beach after the snorkeling tour:


More beach photos:
Author: Barmoska
Translated by: Gian Luka

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