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The Island of Mauritius. P.2

Mike Seryakov • 7 minutes read • March 22nd, 2017
Let's continue our tour of Mauritius (The Island of Mauritius. P.1)! 

This is a bus station in

Port Louis

Sunset on the island is amazing!

Mauritius has the third oldest botanical garden in the world. The

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden

(Pamplemousses Botanical Garden).

The garden was created by the French natural scientist Pierre Poivre, a monument to whom I have already met in Victoria, the capital of the Seychelles. The garden area is 20 hectares, the territory has ponds and shady parkways. About 600 trees grow in the park.

The ylang ylang tree is used in perfumery for obtaining odorous oils.

This is the talipot palm from Sri Lanka, which in 30-100 years will bloom with millions of white and purple flowers. Then it will perish. The last time when such palm tree blossomed here was in 2008.

The "Walking Palm" comes from the neighboring Seychelles.

Victoria Amazonika is the largest water lily in the world. Its leaf can hold up even the child's weight.

This palm tree is called the "travelers palm" because it collects rainwater between the "leaves", and the "travelers can drink it".

In the park, I met the Mauritian Hindus - a mother and a daughter. At first it was even hard to believe in this fact, since they looked like the sisters.

I was searching for some adrenaline on this luxurious island. I did not find bungee jumping here, like I tried in Zambia and on the Thai island of Koh Samui, but Zip Line was good here. I went on a tour in Mauritius which was called "Les Cerfs Volants". It can be translated from French as "The Flying Deer".

Sometimes the roads on the island pass very close to the ocean.

The attraction begins with the fact that you arrive at the starting point where you sign all the necessary papers, put on your outfit and then the old Land Rover Defender takes you to the start of the "first zip line". The height of the highest rope is 40 meters here, and of the lowest one - 3 meters. The length of the longest one is 160 meters, and of the shortest - 25 meters.

At first it was a bit scary to step down "to nowhere", but then the fear disappeared forever. After all, these emotions are much weaker than after the bungee jumping.

Then you just fly on the rope over the precipices.

When the rope is long, you have time to enjoy several seconds of flight.

In the middle of the excursion, there is a small stop to swim in a lake with a small waterfall.

A few more "flights on the ropes" and the tour is coming to an end.

Because there was time left, the guys took me to a private ranch called "Golden Deer". Deserted vast grounds with a well-groomed territory.

After the wonderful tour, I went to see another attraction of the island - the observation deck called "Gris Gris". The inhabitants of the island come here "for picnics" and leave their cars in the shade of a small grove. There are just 100 meters to water from here.

There is also the reserve called the "Vanille Réserve des Mascareignes" with crocodile and turtle farms on the southern coast of the island which is considered the most undeveloped one. You can even "ride a big turtle". The most extensive campaign for the Aldabra giant tortoise breeding takes place in Mauritius today.

I did not see any crocodiles there, apparently they were in the process of immigration from Madagascar.
The picture is not correct at all, as even on crocodile farms, children are separated from parents, otherwise parents will eat them.

There's another very popular excursion in Mauritius - the so-called "Southern Tour", when you explore the "southern landmarks" of the island. It begins from Chamarel waterfall. The waterfall falls from a height of 100 meters and is the highest waterfall on the island.

There's also the main "tourist attraction" in Mauritius. Nature mixed seven kinds of colored volcanic ash of various shades here: pink, purple, orange and gray. Very often colored sand of Chamarel is called the most important attraction of the island, but the place didn't impress me.

Mauritius has a lot of lakes, but only 2 of them are natural. One of them is the lake called Grand Bassin (it can be translated from French as a large swimming pool). It is located in a crater of an extinct volcano. This is the most sacred place for the Mauritian Hindus. They call it

Ganga Talao

(Ganga Lake). Hindus believe that this lake was formed from the drops of water of the sacred Indian river - the Ganges. Grand Bassin is the place of pilgrimage of thousands of Mauritian Hindus. They come here during the "great night of Shiva". Recently, a 33-meter-tall statue of Shiva was erected on the shore. It symbolizes 108 names of the Deity.

Hindus come here and leave flowers and fruits on special platforms on the shores of the lake.
This is the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean I saw. Now the direction is becoming more and more hyped and is ceasing to be exotic.
Author: Mike Seryakov
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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