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The island of St. Kitts. Port. p.1

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • August 16th, 2015
On this second cruise, we had a tour around the 

island of St. Kitts



appeared clearly at about 7 a.m.

Of course, we darted out on the balcony to take photos.

And there was our boat, in a hurry to take us to the port.

We could see the familiar dock.

After breakfast we went to our cabin, making preparations before our exit. 

Each deck has a clear sign of what can be found there. 

We left. The meet-up for our tour began at 9.45 a.m. 

Staff photographers took a photo of everyone using the


 as the background. We had the option to buy the photo if we liked it but the prices were outrageous.

Before our tour started, we went and had a look at the surroundings.

National Museum. But we didn't have time to go there - we just had a short walk through the neighborhood.

And we turned back.

We are going on the tour.
Author: Capi4ca
Translated by: Gian Luka

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