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The island of St. Martin. Tour around the Dutch territory.

Capi4ca • 4 minutes read • August 26th, 2015
The island was discovered by Columbus in 1493 and named in honor of St. Martin. The northern part of 

St. Martin

 belongs to France and the southern part belongs to the Dutch government.  
The French part of the island has French as its official language and the Euro as its currency.
The Dutch part of the island has Dutch as its official language and the Gulden as its currency. 
But local inhabitants also speak English, Spanish and the local dialect, called Papiamento.
And dollars are accepted everywhere; cards are accepted in shops. 

The French side preserved most of the nature on the island, while the Dutch part is more developed with manufacturing sites and more. There, you’ll find casinos, bars and an avid night-life scene. People come here to shop. 

We went out onto the balcony in the morning – somewhere in the distance it was raining heavily.

It was gloomy.

At 8 a.m. we came around the southern, Dutch section, of the island of St. Martin.

It started raining.

The view from the other side of the liner.

Everything here was also hidden by fog and rain before long.

But the rain stopped at 9 a.m. so we went around the island. 

We met our guide, with the car, and went around the island
We didn't have luck with the weather. We could look, but we couldn't take any photos.  

We went out on the viewpoint. It was not raining, but everything was covered in fog.

Princess Juliana Airport

. The runway starts near

Maho Beach

and planes land right above your head!  

Later, we went to the beach near the airport, and there really were planes that landed just above our heads.

There was a schedule of the different arrival times for the planes on a board, but for now I only wanted to photograph these birds on the beach!  

We went further.

We arrived at the viewpoint.

To the left there were the links.

The beach.
Author: Capi4ca
Translated by: Gian Luka

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