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The island of St. Martin. Tour to the French territory.

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • August 26th, 2015
So, we arrived on the French side of 

St. Martin


It started raining again.

The biggest historic monument on the island is Fort Louis, named after the King of France. We went to see it. 

You can see the fort atop. 

Of course, we also climbed up there.

This was a spot where we sat and admired the views. 

And the views, of course, were amazing!

We walked down. 

We stopped at a small market.

A view of the fort from



We went further.

We came to a farm where fruits were grown. And this meant that we were able to see some monkeys . . . who also like fruits!!  

We looked around.

The guide told us that this was just somebody’s house.

And the monkeys! They were wild and ran away at once.

We stopped at the beach, but only for the view, we didn't swim. Although the weather began to get warmer.

We stopped at the viewpoint.

And we went further.

Leaving the French side. There was a monument on the boundary.

And here we were on the Dutch territory.

We returned to port; the tour ended. It was after 1 p.m. so we decided to go to

Maho Beach

where the planes land just above your head. 
Author: Capi4ca
Translated by: Gian Luka

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