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The Largest Koala Sanctuary

Mike Seryakov • 6 minutes read • February 13th, 2017
Australia is a dreamy country. Many people dream to get here. To see how people walk "upside down" because they live on the other side of the globe. It's impossible not to dream of this country with kangaroos wearing their babies in the pouch, with wild dingo and with amazing koala bears living on the trees.


Lone Pine

" is the largest koala sanctuary in the world. We'll get acquainted with it today. We'll look at the bear cubs that are not quite bear cubs and admire the other members of the animal world of this distant country.

Ninety percent of the representatives of the local fauna are endemic, that is, they live only on this piece of land and nowhere else. Think about it, not 20, not 50 percent, and as much as 90, that is, almost the whole animal world is unique.


is an industrial city, but at the same time it is very clean and beautiful. An amazing combination. How did they do it?)

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

is located only some 15 kilometers from the city center. It takes 20 minutes to get here by car without traffic jams.
The park is not very big, but almost the whole Australian fauna is represented here.

This is a predator living in Australia.
It ruthlessly spiflicated with this crustacean.

During the day platypus eats up to a quarter of its weight. Crustaceans fly into its mouth like a shot. 

Koala is a national symbol and pride of Australia. It may seem that this animal feels very uncomfortable, but it's a mistake). Fur on koalas' back is very dense and is similar to a pillow on which they sit. Everything has been thought out by Mother Nature)).
8the-biggest-koala-sanctuary.jpgKoalas have thick woolen fur. It protects the animal from the sun in the heat, the cold and serves as a cloak, repelling moisture. Three in one!
Koalas spend most of time in the trees. At first glance, they seem to be very slow, but then they show unprecedented ease. They are able to quickly and nimbly climb up the trunks of trees.
Each koala is unique like the people are. Why? Because their paw prints are unique, and it is possible to identify each individual animal.
Koala is considered to be a bear due to external similarity with a taliped, but in fact this is not the bear. Koalas are marsupials. 
Scientists believe that due to the hormone testosterone the average life expectancy of males is less than of females. Just like the humans have))).
Everyone takes pictures with koalas in the park. Even very famous persons. ) 

Tasmanian devil
It can be seen only in Australia. It's strictly forbidden to take it abroad. You will not see it in any zoo in the world.
Tasmanian devil is at the top of the Australian pyramid of predators. It eats the dead things even with entrails. Spines and hooves - everything. In fact, it clean the earth from dead things)).
Killing small predators, it supports a population of very small animals and insects.

Dingo - the Wild Dog
Dingo is not endemic, and was brought to Australia from Southeast Asia. Wild dog can be found in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and Indonesia.
The Australians built the longest fence in the world to protect the sheep from the dingo dogs attack. The fertile lands of the southeast are separated from the endless desert by the fence with a length of 8,500 kilometers. Rangers regularly look after the fence, repair damages, cover underground passages and kill the dingo, which managed to "break free".)))

Kangaroo is the main symbol of Australia. It even has long been called "the land of kangaroos".
The herbivorous mammals have a huge enclosure in the park. Do not forget to buy special food, and you'll get a real pleasure.
Kangaroo as well as camels can go without water for a long time.

Kangaroo and ducks
Some kangaroos quietly and peacefully rest under a pine tree after having good dinner.
I had to wait 20 minutes to see at least one jump.
There are also wombats in the park. Like moles, they dig holes and live underground.)
Here's a creative chest in the stump of the tree.
This is an excellent place very close to Brisbane. Visit it and you will not regret!!!
Author: Mike Seryakov
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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