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The Maltese Gozo Island

Sergey Dolya • 4 minutes read • June 13th, 2016
1malta-gozo.jpgThe Maltese archipelago consists of three main islands. The largest one is shares the name of the republic, the second smaller one is named Gozo, and the third, Camino, is very small and lifeless; there’s no point visiting it. 
2malta-gozo.jpgThe entire 

Republic of Malta

can be depicted in one photo. The

island of Malta

 is in the background, Camino island is in the middle and Gozo can be seen in the foreground:
3malta-gozo.jpgA ferry runs from one island to the other. You can take the ferry (for free) to Gozo, but you'll have to pay for a return trip to the mainland. There was no other form of public transportation in the archipelago:
4malta-gozo.jpgOne can ferry across the water with their car. The trip takes about 30 minutes:  
5malta-gozo.jpgHere’s the bay of Gozo:
6malta-gozo.jpgLifeless boats were moored in the dock by the shore. Buoys stuck out from the water:
7malta-gozo.jpgThere were yachts, but I can’t say they were big and luxurious. All the wealthy people stay in


8malta-gozo.jpgThis is the lagoon:
9malta-gozo.jpgThe largest town is Victoria, located deep in the island. In total, the city is inhabited by 6,000 people:
10malta-gozo.jpgThere was an old city, with historical buildings, in Victoria:
11malta-gozo.jpgHere’s the Cathedral:
12malta-gozo.jpgXlendi Bay is a sea bay located south-west of Gozo, one of three small resorts on the island. There were several cafes and shops:
15malta-gozo.jpgOne can climb down the cliff and explore the caves:
16malta-gozo.jpg17malta-gozo.jpgAll the more or less fertile land is used for agriculture, although it plays a small role toward boosting the economy:  
18malta-gozo.jpgThe loveliest place on the island is the azure arch. This rock is composed of yellow limestone, but pieces are constantly falling due to erosion. The last collapse happened in 2012, and it is thought that the rock will completely collapse in a few years:
19malta-gozo.jpgAlso, one of the episodes of "Game of Thrones" and the movie "Clash of the Titans" were filmed here:
20malta-gozo.jpgThere was no guard, however there was a warning post that stated 'walk on the cliff at your own risk':  
21malta-gozo.jpgLet me summarize: all the Maltese Islands are lifeless chunks of rock with steep banks. There were few people here, and you won’t have fun in a special way, although this does not deter the flow of tourists from visiting Malta. More than a million people come here every year, and tourism is the main source of income in terms of the economy. Perhaps it is also because Malta is one of the largest world centers for learning English, so students from around the world come to Malta:
22malta-gozo.jpgAuthor: Sergeydolya
Translated by: Zoozi

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