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The Mexican Riviera

Nikolkaya • 5 minutes read • July 1st, 2016
Once, I decided to go on a cruise with Holland America Line and visited three Mexican ports - 


Puerto Vallarta

, and 

Cabo San Lucas

. These are resort cities, there were no special attractions in the vicinity, or places to go visit on tour. In fact, there was nothing special to do for cruise line tourists. Only a look at what kind of resorts there were and whether it would be worth coming here for a week, for example.
Every resort consists of a beach and hotels, and of an old (or new) town, where tourists hang out after the beach.
I'll tell you exactly about this: about the Old Town of Mazatlan and about the resort area of Cabo San Lucas.
Mazatlan is a very small and pleasant town. If you do not go beyond the limits of the center, it's all trimmed and multi-colored.
You can easily walked around by foot in an hour and a half, but there are buses - wooden and without windows.
Taxis are also without windows - white golf cars. The maximum price for tourists is $5 (in the year 2010).
You can rent such a vehicle. Never mind that the wheel is deflated​, it's just an advertising sample.
Of course, there is a Temple in the city
And the waterfront.
The coast here, beyond the limits of the resort area, is rocky.
The beach is far away. In this picture, you can see it in the background. It's over there, where the high-rise buildings stand, these are hotels.
All the sculptures at the waterfront depict women emerging from the sea. Evidently, the artist is the same.
The main attraction on the waterfront is diving into the bounding wave from a rocky tower.
Local guys wait for tourists, and when the greater crowd gathers, they zone in. Then they collect a fee from the audience.
Souvenir sellers also walked around.
And there is absolutely nothing else of interest.
I also took a picture of this house. Something was under construction, either a hotel or private palace.
Maybe, somebody knows Spanish? Tell me please, what is written on the fence?
Cabo San Lucas is an even smaller city. All the hanging-out happens here in the harbor-port.
The coastline, full of hotels, stretches from the harbor for many miles. The farther you get from the city, the wilder the coast and the sea is.
The closer you get to the port city, the more sand and sea entertainment you'll find.
There were also beaches on the other side of the harbor, but there no hotels. You can get there only by boat or on a "banana".
The rocky coast cape crashed into the sea, dividing the Sea of Cortez from the Pacific Ocean.
This is the famous Arch from one side.
And here it is from the other side.
Seals were also here.
With pelicans, boys are brown and the girls have a colored head. 
Pelicans were very arrogant and acted like lords, not only on the rocks but also in the port.
There was also one seal in the port. I think it was expelled from the flock by its group and forced to beg in the harbor.
Fishermen returning from a fishing trip, liked the seal and fed it. But look, it's a real clutz - it was thrown a fish, but he missed it!
And it immediately paid for it - brazen pelicans attacked, pecked and kicked it away from the boat.
The seal went to meet another boat, maybe, he got lucky over there.  
Of course, there were gulls in Cabo San Lucas, and they lost out to the pelicans. They ended up begging for food in places the pelican couldn't reach.  
Author: Nikolkaya
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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