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The MOST Exciting Cruise Ship Water Slides

5 minutes read • March 6th, 2018
Last time we talked about the most extreme activities on a cruise ship. However, we intentionally missed several of them. Why? Because

cruise ship water slides

and other water attractions deserve to be mentioned separately!
cruise ship water slidesPhoto courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line
We are sure you have already guessed some of the best water slides at sea that got on our list. Nevertheless, let’s check them together!

Norwegian Cruise Line: The Epic Plunge
Are you ready to plunge into the world of pure joy and indescribable emotions? Norwegian Epic has the 200 feet long water slide for this. By the way, the attraction also has a huge water bowl, so it’s going to be something unusual!
Video by CruiseAndCountry
Disney Cruise Line: AquaDuck
AquaDuck is the first ever water coaster on the cruise ship. You can find it on two Disney Cruise Line’s sister-ships: Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. The slide is 765 foot long, and it will amaze both kids and adults. Of course, it is Disney inspired.
Video by Attractions Magazine

MSC Cruises: Vertigo
MSC Cruises’ MSC Preziosa has something to make your voyage even more memorable! The Vertigo water slide offers you a ride at a speed of 20 feet per second. By the way, it’s the single-rider slide. No rafts! There’s only you, water flow, and 394 foot long water slide. Oh, we nearly forgot to mention that there’s a 30 foot long transparent section right over the open sea!
Video by guitar singapore travels

Carnival Cruise Line: Green Thunder
Well, this water slide is steep! Very steep! And you have to be brave enough to try it. You’re going to experience freefalling and mind-blowing speed.
Video by CarnivalOz
Norwegian Cruise Line: The Whip
It’s time for the race! Two similar water slides, two racers, and endless happiness. However, be careful: this adventure is clearly not for those who suffer from motion sickness.
Video by Water Blast
Disney Cruise Line: AquaDunk
You literally drop in this water slide from the height of 37 feet above the deck. This attraction is definitely a must-do when you are on Disney Magic.
Video by Inside the Magic
Norwegian Cruise Line: Free Fall
Here’s another excellent opportunity for the breathtaking free fall. NCL’s representatives of the Breakaway class offer their guests something really fast and adventurous.
Video by Potter Productions
Bonus: Royal Caribbean International FlowRider
And here’s a bonus! Of course, we can hardly call this attraction the slide but it’s an exciting water activity one can experience on the RCI’s ships. It’s a surf simulator both for beginners and experienced surfers. Let’s ride the wave!
Video by seimant
It’s hard to believe that one can find these breathtaking water attractions right onboard cruise ships, isn’t it?
Have you tried any of these exciting cruise ship water slides? We would love to hear your impressions!

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