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The Most Romantic Activities to Do on a Cruise Ship by CruiseBe

5 minutes read • February 1st, 2017
The most romantic holiday of the year is coming! When everything is filled with love, chocolate, and hearts. Of course, we are talking about Valentine's Day! You have already decided to spend it on a cruise liner this year, haven’t you? You should try each of the Most

Romantic Activities

to Do on a Cruise Ship by CruiseBe to make this voyage even more exciting!

the most romantic activities on a cruise ship by cruisebe
Romantic activities on a cruise ship by CruiseBe

Watch movies under the stars

movies under the stars royal princess
Photo by: Chris Favero/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

You can roll yourself in a blanket and enjoy a romantic comedy right under the stars. Or just watch distant planets cheerfully winking at you. There’s a great place for this on Royal Princess – a poolside movie-theater called

Movies Under the Stars

Sing together in karaoke
karaoke on a cruise

Let it be a ballad, rock music or even rap! Choose your favorite song and sing it together in International Aft Lounge on Carnival Freedom!
Dance the night away


Dance till you drop! To live music in a chic restaurant or on a dance floor of the Fathoms nightclub on Disney Magic… it does not matter. Feel the rhythm of the night together!

See the sunrise
cruise sunrise
Photo by: weisserstier/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

When the first sunbeams appear on the horizon, hurry up to the open deck. To see the sunrise with a cup of aromatic coffee. By the way, the sunset on The Terrace of Queen Victoria is also breathtaking!

Have a Spa date

cruise spa

What can be more relaxing and bonding than spa treatments? Only enjoying them together in the ocean! Forget about the problems in the Thalasso Therapy Pool, kiss under a waterfall in the Vitality Pool, clear your mind and body in the sauna – Norwegian Epic has everything to make your Spa date really unforgettable!

Participate in a cooking class

cooking classes

Cooking together is a very special moment. Particularly, if you master a new exotic dish that you can enjoy with a glass of astonishing wine. MS Koningsdam has an ideal venue for such cooking classes – the Culinary Arts Center.

Visit a theater in formal attire

celebrity theatre
Photo by: Carlo Mirante/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Where should you go after a nice dinner prepared with your own hands? Of course, to a theater – to spectate bright Broadway musicals! For example, to the Celebrity Theater on Celebrity Infinity. Just don’t forget to put on your formal attire! It will make your evening very aristocratic and chic.

Try your luck


There's no need to win - your main prize is already by your side! Just try your luck in the

Casino Veneziano

on MSC Divina. The process is so tempting!

Fly over the ocean

the north star royal caribbean international

Yes, you can really do it – you can see the boundless ocean from a bird’s eye view! The North Star on Quantum of the Seas can take you two to the sky. And let the whole world wait… somewhere far below!

Get married on a cruise

get married on a cruise ship

This may be a rehearsal of the future ceremony. This may be a sweet memory of the past event. Or even a true wedding! The main thing is that it is a new page of your love story. You can open it in cozy Chapel on Costa Diadema!

Of course, you will find all the places mentioned above on every ship! Moreover, there are many other exciting activities you can do together: conquer a climbing wall, enjoy each other in an adult-only retreat and even feel like Jack and Rose at the very front of the ship.
romatic activities on the cruise ship

And not only on Valentine's Day! The cruise itself is a very romantic and spirit-stirring adventure! 

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