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THE MOST Romantic YouTube Travel Vloggers by CruiseBe

6 minutes read • February 5th, 2017
© Photo by Captain and Clark.jpg
© Photo by Captain and Clark

It’s so great to have a passion for something. It’s especially great when your loved one shares this passion with you! Just look at these loving couples! They have jobs, small children, and even furry friends - just like anyone else. Nevertheless, they also manage to devote themselves to their favorite pastime – to traveling. Moreover, they do it together and with real love! So here are the most romantic YouTube video vloggers by CruiseBe that will definitely inspire you!

Captain and Clark 
Followers: 4 067 
Chris and Tawny found each other on Kilimanjaro. Since that time they’ve become inseparable – both in life and in journeys. Traveling for them is not just a hobby, but rather a calling. And one of their favorite things is to tell the world their exciting stories. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Dave and Deb
Followers: 5 986
Their motto is "Adventure is for Everyone". Their travel blog ThePlanetD brought them several awards. Dave and Deb have already explored more than 100 countries on 7 continents – and this traveling couple isn’t going to stop. They invite us to join them - on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Sacha and Jmayel
27 358
This is a family from the UK that once, after another failure, decided to turn their life around. Sacha and Jmayel El-haj took their dog and went to Thailand – in search of new horizons and in quest of themselves. Now they live in Portugal, raise a child and continue to show us their happy moments in 8 Miles from Home blog, as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Samuel and Audrey
52 224
These lovebirds are fond of adventures and food. Samuel and Audrey travel the world, explore new destinations, find new tastes – and hope that their Vlog will be helpful and spirit-stirring for you! You can follow them on Twitter and Instagram.
Jason and Nikki
Followers: 108 740
One day Jason and Nikki have realized that gray prosy life was not their cup of tea! They sold all they had – and went on a long amazing journey. They lived in a house on wheels, now they live in the house on the water. Who knows where their love will lead them tomorrow?! You can track their way on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Trev and Chels
282 801
Oh, this couple knows how to enjoy every moment! They live together, surprise each other, discover new locations and do just what they want to do! Yes, and they film everything happening to them.

Stephen and Jess
Followers: 15 997
They left Australia one year ago intending to conquer the world. And that year was full of impressions, fun, new friends, exciting discoveries – and even more! They continue their breath-taking adventure and are happy to share their experience with everyone - on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!
Tanbay and Laura
3 513
Travelling Weasels is a travel video blog created by lovely Tanbay and Laura. Being in their 20s, these young adults travel everywhere and all the time post funny videos about their way of living. You can travel with them on Facebook and Instagram.
Eric and Allison
2 423
This vlog is about Eric & Allison trying to solve the mysteries of our world and searching for its most magnificent places. As well as for the most delicious food. So who is ready for The Endless Adventure?! You can take it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
Kara and Nate
25 491
Kara and Nate have a goal – to visit 100 countries by 2019. Moreover, not just to visit, but make it extreme and unforgettable. And, of course, to tell you their fascinating story - on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Murad and Nataly
Followers: 22 405
A beautiful girl is holding her boyfriend’s hand and showing him mind-blowing places of our planet.  Murad and Nataly Osmann took their first signature picture in Barcelona and since that time their famous #FollowMeTo project has gained immense popularity. You can join them on Facebook and Instagram!

So what are you doing right now? Packing your bags? We bet you’ve got enough inspiration! Let’s start with a cruise – it is a great way to open a new page of your book of travels!

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